Friday, January 20, 2006

Another boring week for a boring person

It's a tough week for me, getting myself busy with my progress report, proposal and my senior’s journal for publication are giving me a tiring week.. I feel relieved that it is almost the end of the week.

It’s been a long time since I updated my blog. Not to say im too much occupied with my daily task but I don’t have Internet at home since I just shifted to a new place. My new year was not bad; in fact, it was a night to remember. No details here but I loved it sooOOoOoOoOO much. We stayed overnight at Rasa Ria Resort and on the NY eve, we took a package of buffet dinner which cost us about RM149 per head. It was the most expensive dinner I ever had. There was about 6-10 of us family members, including the kids and one guest. After dinner, we cancelled our plan to join the beach party and sit at the tables on the sideway while the ladies having red wines and gentlemen with the beers. We were talking and chit chating until the countdown is almost over. Too bad that our countdown was 5mins earlier. Everybody was clapping, hugging, jumping, singing, giving pecks and wishing each other ‘happy new year’. It felt so warm and everyone was having fun. Amusing tourists were all over the places. We slept about 4am that night, I hit a lamp think it’s a port… im not really sure but what I remember the most is the swell on my head which gave me pain when I woke up that early morning. I was drunk anyway. I promised myself, never again!!

Im still in the lab now and nobody’s in. It’s a normal thing for UKM, Fridays are always like Saturdays. People are not around. So here I am taking the advantage of using the lab computers because I don’t use it if my labmates are here, I don’t like using it when they are here waiting for their turns. Kak Noni went home, she’s not well and Chia is somewhere in the faculty chitchatting with her fellows. Stanley and Aizat is nowhere to be seen. I guess im dragging this too much now. Until then, we meet again.

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