Thursday, August 25, 2005

My First-time AcciDent!!!

Gawd, Im a dead man!! i hit a Kancil today in the middle of a stupid traffic jam. It happened right after i dropped my brother in front of GSC, and was thinking of going straight to UMS. Ive been waiting for the chance to go to UMS and meet everyone in IPB, but then luck was not on my side today.

Im not a reckless driver, but no matter how good your driving skills are, it doesnt mean we are always lucky and safe when we're on the road. I saw the Kancil but was not aware of his sudden halt. I was trying to hit the main road but since everyone was rushing and 'kedekut' i had to press it down and grab the chance to turn to the main road... While looking at the traffic on my right side, i forgot about the car right in front of me and didnt manage to hit the break when i saw his sudden brake lights and that moment i heard a 'bang' sound and the Kancil in front was pushed to the front like a meter away from its original position. A man came out from the car and by looking at his expression, i know he was angry. I went like "Oh shit, this is money!"

so i jumped out from the car and face him like a brave lady, i controlled my panic. i saw the damage of my brother's car and the guy's Kancil. It was not that bad. But this stupid guy went on like a madcap, like the world does not matter anymore and all he can think about was his stupid Kancil. I chose not to make a scene in front of the people and the cars on the road. Cars starting to double up its numbers so we went to Asia City and parked there.

He called all his friends, i think five of them. Damn it, i didnt know who to call. So i informed my brother. He came and said nothing, so it wasnt much of a help, i was on my own, arguing with these 4-5 guys. i almost lose it when one of the guy's friend took my driving license. i thought he just wanted to check whether im a legal driver but the minute i showed my license to him, he grab it and said he's keeping it until we settled everything. I was so angry and said that He cant do that. How can i move around town if he took my license right. so in exchange, i had to give him my IC. I know it was still a stupid idea but i need to drive here and there, so my license is more important at that time.

The best part was, he asked me to pay cash on the spot. I asked him how much he wants, he said a thousand. I told him im not stupid because it wont be that much. He went on saying that its a new car, and he need to change this and that, and repaint it even though it wasnt that bad. i have to act smart, tho i was still stupid for giving them my IC.

Maybe you will ask me, why not report to the police, the thing is, i planned not tell me brother that i jacked his car. The guys are rushing for a football match, so we promised to settle it by tomorrow.

This is a nightmare to me. eventhough it was a 'first-gear' accident, the damage was not that bad but still its my first time. and the first time will not be morale for carefully you guys... dun ever think the roads are yours. and another thing is, even tho' somebody hit your car, do not think that they are stupid, no matter how small they are to you. Anyway, the guy is not that tall too, maybe 5cm taller than me, so still i have a chance to win if he wants to do one-on-one.....hahhah *LOL*, im joking....

Monday, August 22, 2005

The beautiful creation of "F.E.L.L.I.E"

-Written by GOD-


i created you this way and made you a beautiful person. To this beautiful creation, i give some gifts for you to carry as a guideline which is love,faith and hope so that life will be beautiful and peaceful for you.
Please don’t take this as a burden for you to carry. Instead, take it as a gift from your lovingly Father. My creation is always based upon my unconditional love. Nobody is perfect, so you don’t have to be perfect to love Me and your neighbours. Be as what ive built you to be, for it will bear fruit according to my plan. I know this gift has given your complexitiex in life but you will see soon that you are worthy of my gift. People will look at you as a symbol of love and passions.

Accept life as what it has to be and go through all the obstacles for you may find beauty beneath it. I am giving you a quest in which you may find dark tunnels, crossroads, dark alleys and maybe some painful events but at the end of this quest you will find a key. This key is to open a small box which I have already prepared for you. I have to give you this quest to prove that you are worthy of my gift. This small box is what I called the ‘greatest achievement’. Because of this box, you will have purpose in life. So don’t give up because this box has your name on it, it means that it is yours as long as you find the key.

You are never alone. Maybe sometimes you may think that I abandon you but I am always there guiding you as you go along this quest. Like I said, I have provided you the most important securities – Love, Faith and Hope.

Do not cry when things get rough, save your tears for the small box that you may receive from me. Remember Fellie, start your journey with Love, and bring Faith together with you because Hope is always before you to make sure you will keep going. They are the security of your being.
You can always talk to me before you sleep or even when you are driving. I am always here and my angels will watch over you every second of the day. Good luck.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

pinch me plsss... so i'll say OucHH!!

just came back from work. i just noticed my resignation today. 29 more days to come and i will officially end my employment in Havana. im so tired right now but i just cant get myself to sleep. so many things bugging my head now. i wish i can just let it vanish by listening to music or playing my guitar but it didnt work..

so here i am... and i know ive stopped blogging for quite a long time.. my laptop isnt helping either so now im using the desktop, the connection is a bit faster with this one.

well, lotsa things happened lately. some are happy things and some are totally giving me these soreness to endure. i learned a lot too these days. my dad was sick again, but lucky he's back to normal now. he fainted the day i received a gud news from a lecturer in UKM asking me if im still interested in doing my master project under her supervision. i was so happy that i got a place there. but i forgot the small things that's gonna make my decision a hard thing to make. hmm, there's financial problem. family problem. etc etc. i know ure hearing the same thing again so let me skip the elaboration this time.

but right now, i have this huge thing in my head and no matter how hard i try to filter it out, it is still remain unresolved. so never mind, let it stay there. arghhh, pls pinch me.... i need to wake up from this nightmare.

few months ago, ive been making some good songs which is too bad i wont let you guys hear it. it's only for me to hear. hehhe. the first song was about a girl who's having miseries in her life but she has strong passions for her dreams and she believe she's gonna make it in the end. the other song was about this person who was so frustrated of her/his relationship failure and is trying very hard to figure out how to get out from the pain. the third song was about two person falling in love because they share the same dream and getting along really well. i know they suck but i love the tune. soft and gentle. *obviously im running out of topic* help me out here....

well, i think i'll just stop brain is draining now.... if i continue, u will lose might as well just put a full stop here...

gudnite everyone, sweet dream.

Monday, August 01, 2005

speaking of a new life...let's find out what im up to ryte now...

hmmm.... now, we are approaching the month of august... im pretty suprised how fast the time flies. i just got my first salary today. it's not much but im satisfied with it. tomorrow im gonna check my LI result and it's gonna be it. i really hope that my result stays or maybe even better than what i received abt a month ago.

ultimately, my life has changed. im going into a different direction. I thought i will never change. but i am now. heard a lot of "uve changed lie" from my friends. and im glad, at least i managed stepped up to a new life. now, it's adapting time. i did reduced a lot of my old activities. i dun even know what's the latest movie showing in the cinema now, unless i have the chance to read daily express. everytime i open the news, my interest was always on the daily horoscope and the job ads.

i am now having 2 jobs. teaching and serving ppl.

just got back from work abt an hour ago. now its already 2am. wow, im still wide awake.

i have so much to say here but im using my sister's viao now. this thing is too small that im having a hard time to type and to read. so im gonna make this fast. wait till i have the chance to go ums and log in. im getting a streamyx soon. supposedly. but since im having some internal probs at home, the plan is delayed for a week now. and now also,i learn to puff. some ppl found it very dissapointing. but dun worry, it will go away soon. im not planning to stay on it. and that doesnt mean that im turning to a hoo-haa girl either. in fact, i am now a homely person. always stay at home except for going to work, church and ums. only sometimes i will go to shop to buy things like reload etc. seeeee, im cutting off my old lifestyle. hehehehheheheheheheh.... so dun make ur own judgement that fast. im still learning and make mistakes along the way.

sorry that i cant share much with u guys here. i will update my blog again when i have a stable connection at home.

but one thing i learned so far abt life. we have to live based on some philosophical facts, this is what i learned by reading thru my sister's archives the other day. let me give u the details later ok.

i gotta go now. gotta put my eyes to rest. my body needs some 'energy-restoration' too. heheheh.

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