Wednesday, March 29, 2006

wednesday's story...

My labwork has been in good progress despite of having limited time and tons of mistake in all areas.. but oh well, without mistakes, how can I learn right. I still remember what Ms. Teoh used to tell me when I was doing my undergrad thesis a year ago. She kept on saying, science is not all about getting the result, it’s more to troubleshooting. Which is true. I just prepared my board to enumerate my bacteria and they are still on my bench waiting for me to work on it, while im still here B-L-0-G-G-I-N-G!!!!

My sister was in town since monday and I spent the night with her and her colleague, Dr. Liza. I had a great time with them even though it was only for a short while. I get to buy few tops from hush puppies, too bad the sales are over…or else we’ll do more shopping till there’s nothing else to drop!! The next day (which is yesterday) I brought Yan along to meet my sister in Midvalley. After stopping by buying few stuff in few outlets and stores, I followed my sister to KL Sentral and I accidentally met clay there…of all people!! She looked so stunning in her dressing.. doesn’t look like oh Clay, from UMS”… she looked more like “that’s Clay who’s currently working for Maybank?” hahahha, I know I confused you… what I meant was she looked entirely ladylike and matured..

Im going to this Christian group dinner on this Sunday and ive done enough shopping for that particular night. In a way, I can’t wait for it. Jessrina, Grace’s friend, offered to fetch me which is sooooo nice of her… I just can’t wait for that big night… I’ll update you soon.. ciao!

Monday, March 27, 2006

A story of the current flow in my daily life

It has been quite awhile since my last post and Im starting to feel so unfamiliar with this blogging already.. oh well, let’s go to my updates..

It has been great for me ever since I came back from KK few weeks ago.. of course I still miss home, my friends and loved ones but the goings must go on.. ive started doing the biochemistry side of my master project and I am still floating in the middle of nowhere. My background as a degree holder in Biotechnology does not help a bit.. Im lucky to have some experience on benchwork or else I wont be able to subside my anxiousness on handling it.

My senior is finishing soon and I’ll be left alone with no friend. Oh well, it makes no different since I’ve been alone almost everyday in the lab. Fortunately I have my 6360 Nokia to keep me company. I had my GC training last week and it was obvious that Ive disappointed myself for not coming there on time after lunch hour… Thanks to Jeff for coming to my rescue at that very moment when I feel like I was engulfed by the fuming combustion. I was dead for a moment.

My weekends had been great, tho’ I have been going out with the same old crowd but it was superb and exciting that I wont want it the other way around. Without them, I don’t think I will stop mourning over my pathetic halfhearted life. Life without friends are hard, but it is harder when the friends you have is no way in the same wavelength as you are because it makes you feel outta place. But Im glad that I don’t have to feel that way in my daily life as my life start shining on every Friday night and ends on Sunday night… this is what I call a pathetic human nature.. well to put it in a much familiar definition, it’s typical for Ms. old Fellie for having such a tragic yet electrifying life..hehe.. what I mean is my life is like the endless rising and falling amplitude (exactly like what we learn in physics)..

Im looking forward to have more in future to come.. I don’t mind rising and falling as long as there is always an inexhaustible current to stimulate and ignite my pathetic being as Ms old Fellie… I guess I can’t stop crapping if I don’t plug up just yet… Im outta here for now.. till then people!!

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