Friday, June 19, 2009

Fish bones

The fish is finally ready to be fried. Deep fry.


Bad news after bad news.

The lady at the counter told me that I still have to pay for my semester fees even if I have submitted my abstract. I will only be excluded from paying once I submit my final draft of thesis to the secretariat. I see no possibilities of resolving that before 26th June as my supervisor is taking weeks for just 3 pages of my chapters. I almost go crazy. How am I going to fork out 1.5K when I have bills to settle next month? Then everything starts to amplify my anxiety. My car insurance is due next month, then my monthly bills of car installment and my insurance premium, and now this?? Roughly I need about rm2500 to pay off the bills. Even a month salary is not enough to settle everything.

I am going broke.

I have been cutting myself off from all sorts of entertainment. The last movie I saw was Twilight last year, and I have stopped buying novels. Fast food is no more in my list of everyday/weekly food and now I am controlling my fuel consumption – no more driving more than 10km unless it is a serious matter. I know this will make a lot of difference.

Looks like little missy has to work every day to complete the figure. Worst case scenario, I just walk to office every day. The heck with all those safety craps.

At the end of the day, the only thing I will have left is just pieces of fish bones.

Fish bones = Me

Saturday, June 13, 2009

G.R.E.A.S.E - The Ed's Version...

There is so much to say about the wedding but everything is just stucked in my head...

I did not take pictures. However, I do have a video to share, which I have modified for better quality..

It's the Edwin family's version of GREASE, performed on Sarina & Andy's wedding reception dinner at PUTERA, Tmn Tun Fuad, Kota Kinabalu.

After watching the video, you'll know how much fun we had....

*Please wait until the video is fully loaded to enjoy the video. However, the loading of the video depends on the speed of your internet connection ..

- Performed by Sons/Daughters/Nephews/Nieces of Edwin's family


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