Monday, January 31, 2005

new year eve

new year eve
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Here's the new year pic, which is taken...erm..i think it's from eugene not really sure.. but if u want to see eechi with her "mother" talent...u can try this..she's holding keegan as if he's hers...ahahah!!! we had a great time that night...

a touching moment...

wow, it has been more than a month i didnt blog...

fuh~~ what a busy month... with all the deadlines at hand, i tell ya... i was going nuts with everything... lucky for me, there's no urgent reports or assginment to be submitted this week, only my second draft which i should be doing now for Ms teoh's review before she flies off. erm, but i must get the mood before starting my work, thats the only prob...was kinda upset few hours ago.. was thinking about the future ahead, what should i be doing with my life?? should i stay here and let myself be fed with all the luxury i can get or the second option will be just go somewhere out of here and let myself suffer but still have a blissful life with limited freedom, isnt that something to be considered???? money or happiness?? of course money will be a great advantage and a helping hand to achieve your dreams.. but then, there's no happiness for me without enjoying every minute of the accomplishment of my dreams.... see??? it's all about choices...

but then again, i dont mind being alone, poor and have the need to go through all the hardships in life if it is for the triumph i will relish later... i just want to be somebody in my father's eye... He has been the reason to why im still standing here... without all his supports, I knw im nothing.. and all the dreams that i have, he has been the shadow that keeps me going all this while, even if he's not here with me, helping me when im in need but like i said i still need that shadows... the background of all the dreams ive created in my fantasy-but-yet-seem-so-real-for-me...

i just wish things in my family had been like few years ago where the sense of caring for each other is still there instilled in everyone's heart... we, the younger generation in the family became the victim of this discreet violence... love people!!!! Love!!!!! is it so hard to love???!!!!!! it breaks my heart to see everyone is heading to a different direction... seems like there's no point to fight for it... but dear siblings, i still want to go on fighting because i know it's worth fighting for... i still have energy in me before i decide which way i want to go... dear mom, who's not doing well too...please, for my sake, hold on to it, i still love you... :(

please everyone, i dont think it's so hard to have love for each other... dear friends whom I've hurt intentionally or unintentionally, im sorry... i didnt mean to show off my ego and take in the pride... all i know is that, now, God has been so good and kind to me, sit quietly in my heart, telling me that it's okay to be humble and poor, there is a thing called forgiveness... so i guess that the love that we learn from HIM is so much greater than the achievements we made in our life...

Monday, January 03, 2005

My 22nd birthday...thanks to the girls

Kg Nelayan again
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picture of friends during my suprise dinner they planned for me... its a tradition that we give suprise party to our closest friends... these are the friends and the joy i found in UMS..

miracle can happen when u least expect it

there had been a lot of things happened lately and i was too busy with everything that i failed to spare some times to write down the important events happened in my life, here in my blog.

my time was occupied ever since i came back from KL. came back and was totally occupied with labs and xmas preparation. how i wished we had snow here in malaysia for least it can cheer me up a lil' bit *sigh* it was indeed unpredictable that i have to reschedule my time and i was a bit clumsy of course,i didnt get to finish my lab reports on time (except for Ms Teoh's assignment which i did in KL) and being a clumsy student upset me... i dont like to delay my works, but there are things that you cant avoid especially when it involves family... and i have to run here and there try to catch up with time and my work, was tiring for me!!! i missed a lot of classes, how nice if i can just turn back time like what Harmoinee in Harry Potter did so she can attend all classes for the semester, that's how she became so smart which suits her with the "know-it-all" title they gave her ..

well, the important incident which i wanted to share here was... hmmmph, guess what!!! i met Belle in KLIA, and of course it was not planned!! we were supposed to meet when i was having my xmas shopping spree in KL but she was too busy to fit in time to see me and the communication failure was also another reason.

I think it was a blessing in diguise that sanchiya was giving problem at the right time, right place when i saw Belle talking in the phone with Alan standing right next to her.

i ran to her, said hi, she wasnt surprised, like always, that's belle and she was busy on the fon when i approached. We hugged after she's done with the call, and we managed to chit chat for like 10mins before i have to take off.. see, How miraculous is that??? bumping into a friend you've been wanting to meet but seems impossible at that moment, and when you were not expecting, there they are right in front of you!!!!

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