Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Michael Jackson (1958-2009) and his Legacy

I spent the whole day today watching the exclusive footage of Michael Jackson’s memorial service from CNN, E! and also BBC news. Many offered tribute to the late King of Pop with thousands of fans attended the event in Staples center, LA. My favorite part was when Brooke Shield shared her memories of Michael Jackson..

......and the unforgettable heartbreaking part was to see Paris, Michael’s daughter struggled to say her final words to the public.

On the other hand, Rev. Al Sharpton’s powerful tribute to Michael Jackson was really an inspiring moment.

Please don’t ask me why I was so crazy about the news. MJ brought the whole world together, eliminating all barriers. Whatever craps the media has said about Michael, I truly believe he is a kind and loving person. It’s not us to judge, and whether he is in heaven now, It’s between him and God. One thing I do acknowledge about MJ was his unparalleled talent, a singer & dancer beyond compare whose music united people of all backgrounds. He is also a wonderful humanitarian. No matter how people felt about him personally, Michael gave a tremendous amount to the music industry. His legacy was his music and his legacy will live on forever. Michael fought a good fight, everybody has to know his story. He will be honored forever.

Michael Jackson will be rested temporarily in Forest Lawn Cemetery, a private memorial park in L.A. However, the Jackson family wants MJ to be buried in his old home, the Neverland Ranch though it was stated in California law that human remains can only be buried in a licensed cemetery.

I grew up with his music, and I never thought that one day it will come to this. Michael Jackson is gone forever. May his soul rest in peace.

Eyes are blind,
You have to look with your heart,
What's more important is invincible..

Monday, July 06, 2009

Financial responsibilities

I was thinking.

Was I really blessed? Or, was I just plain lucky?

I got a job from a biology company in April. I took the offer and quit my teaching job. Then, my supervisor discouraged me to go for it. I was worried. I just quit my job from a tuition center and I was warned not to work full time. It was in April, and I only have about 2 months to earn as much as I can before i meet my biggest financial responsibilities in July.

My weariness was finally ended after a friend offered me to work for her boss since they need an intern to help out. They paid me well, more than I deserve…. So was I blessed or was I just plain lucky?

So, in those two months, with a lot of hard work, I managed to earn nearly rm5k (including some from my GRA scheme approved by my supervisor). It was not easy. I had to cut down on a lot of expenses and activities. I was tired most of the time. I remember how I dragged myself each time I feel like giving up. The fatigue due to excessive use of energy really burned me out to the max. I had to fight my depression otherwise I won’t be able to go on. All the hard work has finally paid off. I am really proud of myself for pushing myself beyond the limit I could take to fulfill my financial responsibilities.

That was why I felt so upset when I had to go to my former rented house to clean the mess that was left, just because everyone thinks it wasn’t their mess. I feel like crying pushing myself to do it because I was just so tired and I only have weekends to rest. Thanks to Emily (for the first cleaning session) and Pearl (for the second cleaning session) who were willing to go down to Bangi to help me out. People told me to chill and relax. It’s not about my temper problem but it was the injustice done to me. I guess each of us led a different life, so it’s no point trying to let others to try on your size of shoes. So I let it go.

Back to my previous story about all these financial responsibilities. In this recent 2 weeks, I have used half of that hard earned money to pay off my semester fees, my car insurance, the monthly installment of my car loan, road tax renewal and my personal insurance. Of course it was not easy for me to go to the ATM machine twice to press a 4 digit amount from my bank account just to pay all the bills and fees. It was a tremendous heartache for me.

But God is great. I survived these 2 months, and I have finally called my boss and told her that it’s time for me to focus on my thesis, so I have to stop this internship. If I get to submit before a certain date, I will get a half refund of my semester fees. It’s still money for me though. As for now I am comfortable with the balance I have in my bank.

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