Saturday, May 22, 2010

"career independance" journey

The decision has been made and I am in my new company with my other leg still stuck in  the old company. They do not wish to have me gone 100% so the deal we made has been a satisfactory to everyone.

5 years ago, I have started my journey in this foreign land with just 2 suitcases (One bag with size XL- nd the other is Size M). That journey was what I called - my "masterhood" journey.

Now, I am in this new journey i called my "career independence"  journey. I have brought this XL bag with me into this new journey and the other one is left behind - locked. That lock is not mine. So I could only once in a while  come back to get my stuff in that bag but not carry them all.

So that was that. Let's talk about my new journey.
For the past 17 days, I was away from 'civilization' - attending classes, briefings, group activities & discussions, camping, site visit, corporate activities etc. All i can say is, I had maximum fun during those activities. It has been something I have been looking for, for a very long time. It has somehow served the thirst of my soul. I met the most wonderful bunch of people from different background with great intensity of intelligence and also great sense of humor. I managed to get out from my cocoon and just be myself. It has been nice to have people accept you for who you are mentally, physically and emotionally. I have shared a lot of my feelings, my experiences and even my worst inferiority complex to the whole class (42 of us and 2 facilitators) during the sharing sessions and each time we finished those session, someone will come to me  and tells me "I like your stories". Even our facilitator came to me and said "I am so glad you shared that with us"

Everything has been nothing but honesty. I like it. I think each one of us has experienced a changed mindset before we start our career in this national company. And after these whole program was over, everyone is missing each other and we wish to have more. 

 Good luck to all my fellow mates at..
I wish you all the best...

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