Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Kennel - here i come with a big wave

After days of being unorganized yet very very busy, I finally shifted all my stuff to the Kennel (If this is what they gonna call the house). I haven’t got the time to unpack but at least 98% of my stuff is already in Bangi house with some electronic stuff I still have in HK house.

Packing all my stuff was tiring, but what's more tiring is carrying and shifting ALL OF IT to the new house. I have to rent a 2 tan lorry which cost me about RM150 (that was the cheapest I get) to shift all of it.

I was quite surprised with the amount of stuff I have. It’s really a lot!! All my friends are laughing to see the stacks of stuff I have. Even Emm is ‘kind’ enough to make me one of the topic in her post. Emm, I should thank you for making me famous (As a reward, I am gonna eat you alive!) :P

Anyway, the lorry man was 1 hour and 15 minutes late. All my stuff was carried down, and with the period of time waiting, I was famous in Hentian Kajang. I have to tell my friends to just say it’s the whole family moving or else they’ll be dead shocked to see the stuff I have. Like it or not, I was parading my stuff for that freakin’ 75 minutes.

The lorry came at last, at first I wanted to scold him for being late but when I saw a man in his middle 40s or 50s came out from the lorry, I stopped. I can’t be scolding an old man for being late. It’s already hard enough to see an old man working so hard to earn a living for his family. So I let it go. Save my anger for some other reason.

For the first time in my life, I smell like a stinky man who did not bath for decades. I can even smell myself and feel disgusted. Yerk!! The next time Im moving, I will put on some perfume or cologne, to at least make me feel good even after sweating like a stinky pig!

Proudly presenting... the shocking amount of stuff i have

boyfriend asked to take a picture of the stuff i have, as he said its for future planning - to control my temptation of buying things... LOL!!

Then later that night, after sending Bibi back to her place, me and Bryan hang out for awhile at my old house to fix the prob with my PC. I was excited when he showed me the way to use 2 screen at a time with one cursor. It was fun and very interesting!! this is how he set up the computers. We can even watch 2 movies at a time.. cool eh?! Try this at home.. its fun!

I was already excited, so i dragged my 17" samsung LCD monitor to Taman Desa together with my laser printer to show my younger sister how canggih i am now.. haha!! well, orang kebaru-baruan la...

Anyway, i wanna say thank you to few people..

Thank you, Brian.

Thank you, Joshua.

Thank you, Arnold.

Thank you, Joel.

Thank you, Bibi.

And also to my new housemates – Lydia, Maria, Emm!!!

Thank you for helping me move my stuff! I finally moved. Yay!!

Rusty is sick!!

About a week ago, I sent Rusty to the animal polyclinic in Old Klang Road since he was having flu, red eyes and worse still, he's having all the yellowish swell on his tummy. I was very shocked to see the swells (too pissed off with the house maid that I did not get a picture of it).

I complained to my sister who obviously doesn’t really care much about how furious I was. Instead she questioned me for not being there to take care of Rusty. I was like “Hellooooo, I have a life to live.” But of course I didn’t say that to her face.

I went to the clinic and they found out that Rusty was already infected by distemper virus. Clear enough, Rusty is counting the days. Poor Rusty. I feel so bad. I should have taken him to hentian and take care of him myself. I went home, already furious, I told off the house maid.

“You tell me if im wrong, I did ask you if we can put Rusty behind just for awhile before I get him the second vaccination. But you know how you respond to me? You refused rudely and walked off. So tell me, am I wrong about how you respond to me?”

She nodded. Looking scared but still trying to defend herself.

“I did ask you the first time about 2-3 weeks ago to put Rusty in the house at the basement, just for a week until he gets his second vaccination. You rudely refused. Correct?”

“tidak tidak tidak… Ko baru kestau semalam.” (No no no, you just told me yesterday)

I was pissed.

“Apa? Jadi ko cakap saya tipu?” (What? You were saying that I lied?)

Very very pissed. She’s obviously at the wrong side and claiming that I lied?

She couldn’t answer me so she walked off (AGAIN) while grunting to herself although I wasn’t done with her.

I have never been so mad at her like this. All this while I have been treating her like my own family and because of that, she was not scared of me.

Even after that, when I was already cooled down. She went out to the shop near the neighborhood without informing me though Kane has already told her to tell me. I was watching TV downstairs and she just walked passed me, ignored what Kane told her to do.

See? Naik kepala right??

Anyway, when I was in the animal polyclinic, there was this dog. A matured Golden Retriever. I was picturing Rusty being that big. Sad.

The owner asked him to sit. He actually listened. Look at that, very cute right. I wish i could see Rusty this big. Sad.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Vero's being acknowledged

DAILY EXPRESS NEWS A big loss to Sabah's sports fraternity
18 June, 2008

Kota Kinabalu: The untimely death of taekwondo exponent, Veronieta Antau Stephen is certainly a big loss to Sabah's sports fraternity.

Veronieta, 25, died on the spot on Monday after her Kancil rammed into a 45-seater bus at Km32 Jalan Ranau-Kota Kinabalu, about one kilometre from Nabalu town. It was learnt that she was on her way to Ranau where she was teaching at SM Agama Abdul Rahim Ali when the mishap occurred at 4.30pm.

A degree holder in Education specifically in science (mathematics-physics) from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), she was scheduled to teach the next day.

A prayer service would be held at her parents' house located behind the Petronas gas station in Berungis, Tuaran 12 noon on Wednesday (June 18) before her burial at Kampung Tambalugu Christian Cemetery at 1pm.

President of United Sabah Taekwondo Association (Usta), Dato' David Chong Ket Sui described Veronieta as a highly disciplined trainee as well as determined and gusty in her personal life.

"It is certainly a big loss to Sabah and to the entire taekwondo fraternity.

We would like to offer our condolence to her family and pray that her soul would be blessed by God," he said. Veronieta started dabbling in taekwondo since she was 10 and represented Sabah when she was 14 and subsequently won gold medals in National Youth Championships in 1997, 1998 and 1999. In 2000, she qualified to compete in a senior championship that saw her winning a bronze medal.

When Sabah hosted the Malaysian Games (Sukma) in 2002, she contributed a gold medal to the State's contingent. The following year she won a bronze medal in a national championship and a silver medal in the 2004 Sukma in Negeri Sembilan. In 2005, she improved by winning the gold medal in the national championship before winning a silver medal in Arafura Games in Darwin, Australia.

She continued her prowess in the sport by winning the gold medal in the Malaysia Universities Games in 2006. She was reigning champion for three years (2004-2006) in UMS Taekwondo Open Championship.

However, last year, she had to reduce her participation in the sport due to her commitment and duty as a teacher. But several weeks ago, she told her friends that she intended to be active again so that she could represent Sabah in the Borneo Cup in Kuching, Sarawak in August and in the National Inter-Club Championship in Kuala Lumpur end of this year.

The fifth among five female siblings, she won the Tuaran level Unduk Ngadau in 2003 and fourth place in the state level Unduk Ngadau the same year before winning the state level Unity Ambassador Beauty Queen contest in 2005.

Her father, Stephen, thanked those who have helped in arranging the funeral including Youth and Sports Assistant Minister Jahid Jahim, Kota Belud Hospital, police and Fire and Rescue Department.

He also recorded his appreciation to relatives, friends and acquaintances who came to pay their last respect to Veronieta.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vero, may you rest in peace


DAILY EXPRESS NEWS Teacher among three killed

Kota Belud: A 25-year-old teacher died on the spot after her Kancil ended up under a 45-seater express bus at Km32 Jalan Ranau-Kota Kinabalu, about one km from Nabalu town, Monday.

A police spokesperson said Veronita Antau Stephen lost control of her car while overtaking another and rammed straight into the oncoming bus from Tawau at about 4.30pm.

Police took more than an hour to reach the scene because of the distance, he said, adding the SM Agama Abdul Rahim Ali teacher suffered serious chest injuries, among others.

The bus driver told police he was transporting about 45 passengers to the capital. The passengers boarded another bus following the mishap. The body was sent to the district hospital for a postmortem.

Amazing Grace - LeAnn Rimes

Dear friends,

Please say your prayers to our dear friend, Veronieta Antau Stephen who just left us last night after a tragic car crash. She will be greatly missed for those who love her so dearly, especially her family.

She was one of my closest friend in Matrix and we have shared a lot of ups and downs together. I love her so much not because of how long I have known her, but because of her kind nature,the person she is - funny, talktative, sweet, sincere and lively that even now i cant believe she is gone.

Let us pray,

". . .As a person of faith, of resurrection faith, I see death as a friend, not a foe; and the experience of death is, I am convinced, a transition from life to life, from grace to glory."

My Jesus have mercy on the Soul of Veronieta.

O Gentlest heart of Jesus,
ever present in the Blessed Sacrament,
ever consumed with burning love for the poor captive souls in Purgatory
have mercy on the soul of Thy departed servant.
Be not severe in Thy judgment but let some drops
of Thy Precious Blood fall upon the devouring flames,
and do Thou O merciful Saviour send the angels to conduct her to a place of refreshment, light and peace.

Incline Thine ear, O Lord, unto our prayers,
wherein we humbly pray Thee
to show Thy mercy upon the soul of Thy servant Vero, whom Thou
hast commanded to pass out of this world,
that Thou wouldst place him in the region of peace and light,
and bid her be partaker with Thy Saints.

O loving God . . . I pray you to welcome my deceased
friend into heaven with you. Forgive her her sins and r
eward her her goodness. Grant that I may be with them again
in your Peaceful presence.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

We love you, Vero.

You will be greatly missed.

Vero is still here...

I just lost a friend today. She's my bestfriend. I still can't believe she's gone. So please let me know tomorrow if this is just a dream.

Look at how beautiful she is..

How can she be dead?

(to be continued....)

just give me some time... I still can't believe it..!!!

I miss you, Vero..

I dont care how gay i may sound right now, but it is very painful for me.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The truth about military drivers

After my tuition class, I drove up to KL to see boyfriend. I was rushing off to reach KL because I was having a grumbling stomach. There was no massive traffic and everybody was driving very fast. Being a good driver myself (after getting speed trap once), I always follow the speed limit because paying summon of RM300 is painful for me.

I guess I just couldn’t wait to meet boyfriend that I followed the pace of most of the cars, but still sticking to my speed of less than 100km/hr. There was this van overtook me when when we were passing the Kesas highway flyover.He was driving crazily fast and I could see that the driver didn’t really care of the safety of other drivers. So I made a maneuver to the middle lane to escape from the white van, and the van drove along fast enough that I couldn’t trace it after changing lane. I was in a middle lane until I have to get to the fast lane to get to the Smart Tunnel as the Istana road is still under construction. So I took the fast lane right after a military lorry drove passed me with a merciless speed.

I wasn’t really familiar with the road as it was the first or second time I took the smart tunnel from Seremban highway. Lucky thing I just got off the phone (using headphone of course) and focus on my driving. I was in a safe distance from the military lorry which was about 15 metres ahead of me. When i saw the lorry, it was suddenly stopping to a halt to escape from bumping the height limit. Lucky enough with the distance, I managed to stop my car after pressing hard on my brake pedal (really really hard). My car tyres made a terrible screeching sound, but lucky I managed to control my wheel from hitting the tall divider. The thing is, my car took quite sometime to reach to a full halt that when it finally stopped, I was right below the bump of the military lorry, the bump was just inches away from kissing my front window and my fender (front part of the car) was exactly below the bump and inches away from the lorry’s right tyre. I was lucky enough that the lorry is very tall or else, you can imagine what would happen to me. It couldn’t be worse if the lorry was driving at only one lane. At least i could take the other lane to escape from the lorry. But the best things was, the lorry was exactly in the middle of the two lanes that I have no choice but to force (really hard!) my car to a full halt since the two lanes are covered with a metre height of divider. It could be worse if I just bang the concrete divider.

At that very moment, i was thinking - What the hell are these bastards doing driving so fast and stopping all of sudden? What if i was driving fast tailing him behind? What if i wasnt really looking since my eyesight at night is not very good? What if i managed to stop like how i did but a car behind me bang me from behind pushing my car forward hard enough to crash below the lorry? What if i couldnt control my wheel and hit the divider?

I could have been dead by now!

I couldn’t breathe for a moment. The lorry's bumper was just right in front of my face, a distance away just safe enough from crashing my front window. I couldn’t hold my anger. Worse still, the lorry driver did not even come down to apologize, instead he ordered me to reverse my car when he was already putting on his reverse signal in a way to send me the message. How rude was that?

There were already few cars behind us, I scolded the guy in the lorry and told them that they could have killed me. The van which I saw previously was already pulled over, right after the height limit. That was the previous van who drove like a maniac! A man with a military uniform was walking away from his car heading to the lorry, passing my car. I wind down my window again and started to complain because I was still in a tremendous shock. Guess what?! Instead of saying sorry, he didn’t care what I said and made a rude sign language for me to just go away. He was angry but i don't deserve that kind of sarcasm after the terrible incident.

I tell you, these bastards shouldn’t be allowed to drive! For a start, they should learn how to respect the public. Secondly, they should learn how to be a responsible driver. They don't deserve our respect even though they are doing a noble job for the country! Whatever! They are doing a noble job, but they are rude, temperament, and they are just so screwed up! They drive as though the roads are theirs. I have seen many cases like this, a military vehicles with a plate number of “ZZ” driving recklessly without considering other road users.

Don’t ever trust or drive near these crazy military drivers with a plate number of ‘ZZ’. For once, government should take charge of these people driving the military vehicles. Bad things might happen one day and its better to cure than to feel sorry.

Even though you can use a handsfree, try to avoid using handphone while driving. Accident happened even when we drive safely because i don't think everybody on the road care much about other drivers.

Lesson learned, I was lucky today.


Monday, June 09, 2008

Bruised arm (Ouch!)

Keegan hit my arm with his solid toy, and look what happened to my arm. We were on our way back to our car, when it happened. I didn’t see it coming as everyone was in jolly mood. I guess I caught him at a bad timing because he was already whining asking his father to attend to his demands.

I touched him gently on his cheek not knowing what he gonna do to me after that. He turned around like a zombie and started hitting me in front of the crowd. I couldn’t defend myself since the first hit on my arm was way too painful and he kept hitting me until his father dragged him away. I couldn’t feel my hand for a moment. I guess he hit right on my bone or maybe my blood vessel or it can be the nerves because it was too painful. As much as I want to hold back my tears, I surrendered to it and started crying like a little girl. The pain was beyond the level which I could take.

Keegan saw me crying and he started to cry too. Probably he was already scared after what he had done. So, to escape from being blamed, he cried as though he didn’t do anything wrong. Kids can be really spoiled that sometimes they are not aware of their misbehavior. Lucky it was just me, i was wondering how this behavior would affect him if he's gonna do the same to other kids.

As much as i wanna get angry, he's just a kid. But I really hope this behavior of his will be tamed down once he enter school next year otherwise my sister and her husband will be in a big trouble.

My swollen arm and it was bluish purple the next day.

This is how it looked like after 48 hours, it was reddish and the soar is still there.

A different angle to let you imagine the painful effect after his crazy attack.. and now you know why it made me cry..

Saturday, June 07, 2008

The phenomenal hiking of oil price

It was a disaster for all of us, especially those who own a car. It’s not only the maintenance that you have to keep up to let your car run smoothly, but also you have to think about the fuel consumption, the overhead tolls (hopefully they won’t increase the toll), and basically increasing the oil price means increasing everything else – clothes, food, etc.

I have been pinching myself to recover the savings I have used up to buy a laptop. I have been cutting down my entertainment and also my cravings for Chillis, TGI Friday, Secret Recipe, Thai food and even KFC/Domino’s/McD’s. Forking out money to buy lunch or dinner is considered once in a blue moon now. Basically I tried my best to just eat at home and only go out 2-3 times a week for food, just to reward myself for ‘good’ behavior or catch up with good friends. With this lifestyle, I could save RM600 per month.

But now, with the hike of oil price, I doubt I can save that much now. For a month, my fuel consumption is between Rm150-200 (basically I pump RM50 of petrol thrice a month) and RM50 of fuel usually last for a good 7-10 days (5km daily travel to UKM, and 7km 3times a week to Kajang Prima to teach plus one trip to Taman desa weekly, sometimes twice, and I could also move around a bit which usually does not make a difference). That was what RM50 can give me (220km in estimation for every pump). But now? You tell me. It was hell of a bad news for me. But then after reading the news and exchanging views with few knowledgeable people, I guess I have to accept the fact that the government has a point in inflating the oil price, and it was time for them to open the eyes of the blind people in Malaysia, including all of us.

Read the news, you’ll see that the price has been increasing since 1990 from only rm1.10. After 18 years, the difference is Rm1.60, less than 10cents per year to be exact. So folks, Oil price doesn’t decrease, but they will keep on increasing depending on demands and resources. Rumour has it, by August we will be paying as much as what Sporeans are paying for their fuel – RM4.00. So guys, no more fooling around wasting your parents money. It’s time to pinch yourself with the reality. Reality hurts, but we need to move along with it.

Speaking of fuel, last tuesday, I went to this Shell oil station near Kajang Prima to pump petrol. As usual, I will pump Rm50. There is always this malay guy or the tall indian boy who offered to pump petrol for me and i don't even have to step out from my car. This time i was unlucky and a bit careless that I wasnt checking when the guy (he never pumped for me) was pumping for my car. After a brief moment, I heard a 'click' sound which says that the tank has been filled with the desired amount. So i checked the display on the pump, and it was only Rm40. So, I asked the guy.

He told me, "Oh, ini kereta yang tadi, moi."

"eh, saya minta RM50 la, bukan RM40."

He kept on saying that the display is not working, and the digit displayed was for the previous car.

I was confused, then stupidly, I asked again, "Oh you mean you pumped from the other side?"

He answered, "ahh yes, yang ini suda rosak. you tak tau kah miss? sorry ah.."

I knew he was lying. But i was alone at that time and i just dont want to fight because there was not many people in the station, so I decided to just let it go but i was cursing along the way back to Taman Desa.

It was just one unlucky day for me.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

RUSTY - my new found love

we have a dog! we have a dog!! Everyone is very excited..

Everyone got up early today, and we went to Ikano for the Petster exhibition, only to find out that it was only for members! So we decided to go the The Curve to take our brunch but we ended up spending over an hour wandering around looking at the stuff they sell at the booth alongside The Walk. I bought a pink bag (more like a basket bag which im thinking of using it for lab purposes), a LipLicious tissue cover for my car (just for the fun of it), and a pair of Bikini (I have no idea what im gonna do with it). The guy i bought the bikini from wished me a happy holiday after paying, which was quite funny because who the hell's gonna buy a bikini without a solid reason to wear it? But what the hell, I spent around Rm70 for these 3 items, which was a good bargain for me.

Speaking of shopping, it reminds me of the 'brand' i was given to. Well, I didnt just get a 'clubbing face' from Bryan, but i got friends who said that i only shop at high end places which are not entirely true. I like to buy stuff when i am in a mood, but like i told everyone, I am very particular in spending my money. so if i am to buy something, it's gotta be something which i fell in love with at first sight, or something very useful, or something with a good bargain. So I am totally not a shopaholic material. I don't shop for brands (only when i seek for quality materials) I don't shop for glamorous sake and i don't shop as though my pocket is loaded. I shop when there is mood or when I need something, most of the time it was just on a spur of the moment, like what happened today.

ouh, did i tell you we just got a dog? yea, we just got a dog! At first, we were thinking of getting a pure breed of a Rotweiler (like Binky who just died last week...sob..sob..sob), or a German Shepard (something like Max and Roxy back home, but they're half mongrel). After looking at few options, we finally decided to take a 'Golden Retriever' puppy which is one of our most wanted choice. We were not allowed to play with the dog for at least few days for it to adjust to the new environment and there are few rules we need to follow before we actually bring him around. Keegan wanted to name him Harry/Hairy, Sister called him Golden, Jim wanted to call him Kiddie (lol, bad choice of names) and from the start i want to name it 'Rusty'... In the end, everybody agree with 'rusty'... so peeps, meet my new found love, RUSTY...

Rusty in his crate, I told him to pose and he followed what i say. He's just too easy to fell in love with.

This was actually taken few weeks back, we were in Jalan Gasing after breakfast in Lotus. I was wearing something decent for the Australian Guild ceremony. Jimmy as usual, like to spoil the picture.

The event i attended during Wesak day in PJ Hilton Hotel. I was astonished with some of the talents, especially Wong Keng Joon who played a funky tune with his guitar and his very romantic Italiano tune with a piano (with his own arrangement).

My dear friend, Nick. Who just got off the bus from Penang. Look how tired and hungry he is, he can even swallow the spoon if he want to.

Tasha, who introduced me to the world of Shisha(is that how they spell it?). It was my first time trying. Strawberry flavor i think. But i didnt like it, not sure why. maybe it wasnt my cup of tea.

I actually have few pics to share but it was a tiring day for me. I need to sleep it off for tomorrow. Goodnite.

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