Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Once found, now gone...

Having a pet is a tremendous joy and it’s not only about having a pet in the house to fill up the tense n awkward silence in the household, but it practices my personality to be caring and loving and most of all, I learn to be patient and responsible.

Kimmy is a lovely cat, though can be very naughty and annoying sometimes but it’s the nature of a young cat where curiosity is their habit. Seeing Kimmy’s energetic behavior running around with the toy I gave her makes me smile. It was tough for the first time to train her on her littering habit, but she learned fast enough to litter on a box I prepared for her.

I learned to love her a lot though it was only few days after Jimmy found her. I was so protective of her that I get upset when people just scoffed at her when she does something wrong. I mean, she’s a cat and it takes time for her to learn everything especially in a new environment. I know I can’t really keep her in my place, somehow I wish I am staying on my own where decisions are all mine. I get so worried when she doesn’t reply to me when I called her name, that’s how attached I am to her. She slept so near to me every night that I can even hear her loud breathing. It was kind of hurtful to let her go, seeing her face like that movie in Shrek, I guess I just have to keep it in my head that she’s not mine and I should not keep her. I seriously have to learn not to get too attached to her.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Road - Horrifying yet beautiful

If you call “Tuesday with Morrie’ is a total classic and the most brilliant piece ever, try ‘The Road’ By Cormac McCarthy, and trust me after you read it, you will surely thank me for the recommendation.

A beautiful, mesmerizing life story of a father and a son after a terrible unnamed apocalyptic event in America, heading slowly to a warmer southeast America due to the terrible winter they have to bear with limited source of scavenged food and clothes. Horrific encounters of the bands of cannibals and their preys, prisoners captured in the basement, gradually harvested to pieces for food by their captors. All in one, so grab the book and enjoy the journey like I had.

p/s Book courtesy of my very good friend Veronieta, as a gift for my 25th birthday – One of the best gift I ever had!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kids with great talent

I invested myself too much on youtube that I found these few clips from The Ellen Degenerese Show which I thought are superbly amazing that they make my jaw dropped to the floor. At the age of 3-6 years old, I pretty much started to learn how to bath on my own, eat without being spooned, learning how to spell A.P.P.L.E in order and basically I was just being a normal kid like everybody else. But here goes the amazing kids that you wouldn’t believe they even exist. (For listening pleasure, kindly press the the 'stop' button at right side of the webpage)

A very well-mannered boy who is a president expert.

6-yr old guitarist (watch him play, really!)

A Vacuum boy who wanted a flippet vacuum for his Christmas present (and find out why he likes this particular vacuum!)

A small girl who memorizes the names of all the states in America. (her coughing is really cute)

Bentley Green. A 6 years old rap expert

The 15 year old girl from the Philippines with a voice as big as Whitney Houston, singing Jennifer Hudson's song from ‘Dreamgirls’.

A girl who composed a music in 10 minutes???!!!!!! (can u even believe that??!! And some even 5 minutes??!!)

Emily Bear - The Ellen Degenerese Show

Not forgetting to mention my favourite, Connie Talbot from Britain’s Got Talent show who captured the heart of a thousand people in the US with her singing. (she got her record deal at the age of 6??!!)

Believe it or not, kids nowadays are getting smarter.

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