Tuesday, April 26, 2005

One Hell of a JourNey!!!

hello everyone...here i am again, blogging like usual...
ive just wrote a long email to Jo, Clay, EEchi, Annie and Chris... well we had this....erm, what you call, a chain email to keep us all the updates about everyone's experience during LI. well Chris's experience is quite a big "OMG" to me, and Eechi's one is kinda like "sorry to hear that" and Annie's is mostly like "DAMN, ure so lucky, gurl!!" and not forgetting JO's... her experience is the kind that you would say "Good luck, girl. All the best!" ..Clay is still in silent mode...and Jer, i think we lost track of his email add...is that so? heheh and mine???????? let me give u the details and i leave you with whatever remarks that you may have..

mine, started with... "Gosh, i hate this place" and followed by "I wanna go home!!" and after a few weeks, it had been like "i think i should give it a try." then it went on like "well, okay. acceptable" ...then now, i think it's "wew, not bad, huh!" ...heheheh, so i presume later in the future it will be like "gosh, this place is just a super-WOW!" then will end on "I'm gonna miss this place, can i extend my air tickets?" heheheheheh..... so what i can say all in all is that, when u give it a try...at least one shot...things will get better and you will know that all the hard works had just being paid off.... the fun that you get all the way long, is just hell of an experience that you should get thru' with...especially now that we're still 20's...Fifa was right, i should be more patient... and yess, Joanna was right too....we should take every minute as it will be the last. i know i hate changes in life but oh well, its true that each changes mean we're getting farther away from our histories and we're getting into the new experience of one long journey. there's no shortcuts and all we can see are crossroads at every corner of our life... It's not always rainbows and skies...there must be some changes like clouds and rain and even thunder at times... but what should we do?? well, ask yourself... you should know better...

erm, i guess there's not much details in this post like i promised you huh? well, let me save it for next time k... my brain had just went dry after writing those emails to my friends... till we meet again, take care!

Monday, April 25, 2005

a gesture of an open heart

I just noticed that for the past weeks since I laid my foot on KL ground, id been nothing but mourning abt my pathetic life in KL. Oh well, I guess that ive been closing my eyes too tight that I didn’t wanna see, didn’t wana open my heart to what KL has to offer. All that I ever count is how this place had given me so much misery in my so-called FUN life!!! Well, my weekend went ok this time. I guess I have to give a little credit after all and put myself up with some extent of efforts so at least I can experience the luxury of KL life (not that im that loaded….anyway!!) So let me start on whatever that I have left out.

Okay, let me start with things at work. I guess last Monday and Tuesday were okay. I did some grossing of mouse liver and I guess that was it. The special event started on the following day, which is Wednesday… it was Zairi’s bday, and Pui yee’s was at the following day. Since im so used to celebrating friend’s bday and quite good at organizing things, so why not just make a day for both of them ryte??!!

The party was simple (compared to any other parties that ive organized) but I think Zairi like it very much since it’s his first time to cut his birthday cake…somehow the small thing that we have done is actually MEANS a LOT to some people. So I guess that we should never underestimate the power of giving even if u thinks that it is small. It’s just so nice to see the bliss surrounding us. The feelings of togetherness, closeness and oddless somehow make me feels like home. Okay, that’s about IMR so far..

Like what ive mentioned in my previous posts, Fifa’s sister were here, and only yesterday that they left for KK. It was fun having them around. Reminds me how young im still (Duh, as if im too old to be young again). Sara, Ina and I planned for the bday surprise for fifa 2-3 days earlier. Since I know almost all the crews in starbucks, I asked them to help me out with the plans. Hah! Forget to mention that me and the starbuck’s crew are so clique, thanks to Shukri (Starbuck’s crew) and Prakash(regular customer of Starbuck) who’d actually noticed me when I was in starbuck for the first time. Not only that we acknowledge each other’s presence but we do play some jokes and the plan was going well since everyone was so into it. Sam (the supervisor) and Ronnie (Manager) of starbucks promptly shut off the light and informed them that the light went off due to some technical probs. But Shukri had already ruined the plan earlier that for wishing her. So I guess fifa had some ideas abt the surprise after all. Prakash played along and made the girls busy by asking them if they want to act for his mini drama which will come out on TV around May or June. Only that it was not really a prank, he’s really looking for an actress and actor for his drama. (Commercial break = anyone interested???) So okay, and we lighted 22 candles and yes, fifa did have a surprise after all. ) *chuckles*

Eechi came for the weekend since Ching Yi was busy with her plans…so that night me and eechi shared my bed. Luckily that both of us are quite small in size, so its just enough for us to not to cramp each other while sleeping. *lol* met Faeza and Azfar the next day and bought movie tickets for the evening. We went to a book outlet called BORDERS….mann, I tell you….. It’s heaven for me. You can get almost anything (just books+magz) there. Sci-fi? Thriller? :) but my eyes were set on one book written by Meg Carbot (if I got the name right)…. If you see the book, u knw what I mean. It has different layout from any other books that I ever seen and read. It’s something like stories based on notes, chats, emails and stuff like that. I’ll be happy to get that book, please (hinting) hehehhehehhe…..

I think thats about it for now. Its already dark outside and I really need to go home since this group of guys who are sitting at next table are looking and even went like:

Stranger: hey, you kenal dia tak? (pointing to his friends)

Then I didn’t say anything but shook my head and ignored them while they laugh. KL is still dangerous tho’

See you again in my next post!!

There’s more to tell but icant afford to write them all now….. so I leave it 2 you to wait and for me to recall everything that happened to me this few days.

Friday, April 22, 2005

3 weeks gone..7 weeks to go!

Things had been going on well for the past few days since my family
came to KL to see how I was doing. It all started when I begged for
my sister to let me go back to KK for the weekend. It costs lots of
money and I cant afford to go back unless they willing 2 buy me the tickets.
Then after she made a few phone calls, finally she said that my parents
had decided to come here instead. To be honest, I was a bit
disappointed that I cant go back to Sabah. Damn, I miss Sabah so
much, its like I cant even spare a bit of my sentimental feelings for
KL. I guess im not that ‘happening’ after all. I prefer
a quiet and calm environment like KK, tho’ u dun get that
everyday. It’s just that I practically have everyone in KK. My friends,
relatives, my favorite places and whatever I may need-
the calmness, less traffic, less hectic, less honking, less
scary…what else??.... I guess Melisa and Adelphy were right about
KK. I started to question myself, why do non-sabahans such as them would
prefer to stay in KK??... It's because they cannot get what they wanted
in KL. Wats important is calmness and total freedom to do anything and go
anywhere without worrying about hectic city lifestyle. Dont you agree??

So..what have I done for the past few days?
Ive spent the weekends with my family, stayed at Bukit Bintang for
2 nights and one night at Cititel. This time, we managed to visit
my brother who’s currently one of the NS participants in
Gombak. Tears started to well up in our eyes once we spotted him
walking towards us... We missed him so much that we were so happy
when we finally met him after 60 days of absence.

It was so obvious that my mom missed me so much. When we met, she
hugged me so tight, and anywhere we go she liked to walk beside me.
When we were in the hotel room, she hugged kissed me on
the cheek. She bought me everything that I wanted. Reload, my
Famous Amous cookies, and blouses. When I was in a bad mood and i
let out my anger in front of her, she just kept quiet and hold my
hand while walking. She asked me what made me so angry, and it touched
my heart that my mom is really keeping up with my bad attitude. I told
my mom that they dun hv to give me money since they had spent quite
a lot of money for me while they were here. But before I left for work on Sunday
morning, dad gave me two hundred for me to keep, in case of
emergencies. I should thank God for giving me such a wonderful
parents. I felt blessed that I was loved by them and im just glad to
be their daughter.

This week, our training schedule will be led by Cik Laila and Dr.
Sawibah. We are supposed to prepare the slides of the
liver which had been taken from the rats that we had sacrified a
week ago. Dun worry, all the pictures will be publish in my
flickr webpage for u guys to see it.

Today was a public holiday, and the plan actually was to
go for ice skating with fifa and her sisters in Sunway but in the
end, we went to midvalley to catch a movie. Shah joined us along and
we met few BIOtechians; Siok Har, Jian Ping and Choon Yi. We
exchanged our experiences on our LI for a while before heading to
our own destinations.

Special thing about this week was that, I get to know NEW people:
Fifa’s sisters, Sara and Ina. They both are pretty,
smart and funny. So far, I managed to get along well with Ina, the
youngest among them. This girl is what I call a rising star.
She’s different from any younger girl that I’ve met
before. She’s a 10 As student in SPM, yet she had passions for
culinary. We had a long conversation that night and I knew
instantly without any doubts that she has a bright future ahead of her.
But poor thing, she is yet to decide what to do next since
she’s still confused whether to go for her dream job or just
give it away and take dentistry. Whatever she takes, I really hope
that in the future she gets what she really wants in her life.
She’s just a special girl….

Monday, April 18, 2005

Today will be the second week im doing my practical in IMR. Last week was quite busy for me especially for the first three days in IMR. My lunchtime was less than half an hour. The schedule was a bit tight but lucky for me after preparing all the test plates for different drug extracts, I finally get my life back, haha!! Last weekend was great, after I off-work, I rushed to sungei wang to meet eechi to get my bedsheet, sweater and charger from Sabah. One thing about KL is that, there is always “a lot of people”… and its so tiring to see all those people rushing through here and there. Even in the monorail, no one awaits you, no one will ever be like “miss, you can go first.” All you can see is pushing here and there. There is this one girl, I think she’s like my age but her size is smaller. She was carrying this big case like half her size. Nobody even try to give her the priorities to sit or even spare her some space for her to balance herself. She nearly drops down to the ground. Lucky after few stops, she get to sit down, I was relief to see her finally sitting down. Poor Chinese girl. So that’s KL, one thing you wont see in Sabah. But that’s the price of living in a big city like KL. You want more entertainments? Here is the place. You can have Starbucks, IMAX, KLCC, Midvalley and the list goes on. But if you want something like nature, adventures, peace and stuff like that, Sabah is all you need. KL is too rough, too hectic and its turning your head upside down.

Lucky Erda was so nice to let herself be used by me…hey, I didn’t use her okay…she was being helpful. Its not like I ask her to, she offered herself. So we went around Midvalley and bought some stuff I need to make up my room. I spent about rm107….i was quite surprised since it was quite many in quantity…so if you want to buy “a lot of stuff” and at the same time u want to save money…go to carrefour…. The stuff there are quite cheap. Erda was driving but she’s not really familiar with the KL road, only know by names. So we had our adventures that time, we used “kaedah cuba jaya” and follow the signboards which stated the roads ahead of us… we went through Ismail street..etc…I cant remember what roads we went through but at last we reached our destinations which is Medan Tuanku…is that an adventure or wat?

So… I arranged my room, set up the racks and the towel dryer… and tried to make my room look a bit lively, though its not the same as my comfy room in KK but I think it will do for the time being, its not like im gonna live here forever.. but I dun think KL is my place unless I have no other options.

That was Saturday. Saturday gone, Sunday came along. I spent my Sunday at Starbucks coffee hse using the internet line. Since I have the wireless LAN card so I have no problem to access to the internet in that coffee hse. And guess what, I made new friends. Not one, two some more. Hehhe, first was the worker of the coffee house whose name is Shukri. He’s a mechanical engineering student of UTM, having a part time job in Starbucks. He’s as tall as Chris. OK looking, good boy type and etc. He’s very nice to me, he made me feel like home, at least im comfortable sitting there all day long. He kept on coming to where im sitting to check in. The second time I bought food and drinks there, he gave me discount some more, how cool is that????? Chatted with my old friend, Clifford from Ireland. Shared a bit of his secret…oopss, sorry cliff, I shut up now!!! Hehehhe…then I met someone new again in that coffee house. An Indian. A broadcasting student from UCSI. Quite a nice guy also. Cute and he seems to have good knowledge in almost everything…we chatted through MSN and he’s quite funny….i found out that his lucky number is 11. Since I have a share of luck on that number, he called me Ms. 11 and that is also his nickname as I call him that. So we ended up our conversation at last because its getting dark and I dun wan to go back to my rented room alone since its KL….. so we said our goodbyes and I went off….. that was all about Sunday…

Today is Monday…and im here writing on this so call journal of mine to share every bits of my moments with you, my faithful reader and visitor of my blog. What I learned from what ive experienced is that, eventhough KL doesn’t look like a place where you can have a peaceful mind…like I said to you, KL has almost everything, but depends on you how to use all the services and advantages KL could offer, and yeah not all ppl are bad after all. You see, yesterday I met two very nice guy….like I told you, pandai pandai cari busut sendiri….

What I did today was donating my blood to my supervisor Dr. Nor Rain. Wow, I forgot to tell y’all abt my superb supervisor. She is very nice, low profile, happy go lucky and she treat everyone like collegues… its rare to find that kind of environment in a working area. Usually those ppl with higer position will show their superiority to their anak buah…but unlike her, she is damn nice and helpful. Tak banyak songeh, she’s willing to give whatever you want. Nice, huh!!!!!

Today was the third time of my oral feeding….let me show u how we did the oral feeding…

Sunday, April 10, 2005

1 week gone..9 weeks to go!

It’s been a week since I left for KL, and in this one week, ive experienced so many things where mostly consist of bitter ones,of course. I feel like I wanna go back 2 KK and live like I always do. But then again, ive chosen this path and no matter how much it hurts for me to admit that, this is what I should do. See the world outside of me….

First day I came to KL, Ching Yi was the one who fetched me from the airport and she was with her friend Tai Wei who had left UMS one year ago.. The next day, me and CY had an LRT trip to Chow Kit… and I was so glad that IMR was very near to the monorail station and only less than 5 minutes walking distance from the station.

Went to BB plaza and I went in to Soda outlet.. and they were having a sale at that time so I took the chance to buy a black formal blouse for my first day at IMR. That evening, CY’s parents sent me to Cititel and from there Shashi’s cousin, Tina came and fetched me. Tina is a very kind girl. She looks young but actually she’s already 27 years old. It was so suprising that we had totally hit it off the first time we met. We talked about a lot of things that night and it feels like we’ve known each other for like, forever……. She loves to talk and that’s one thing that I’m good at too… it was Saturday night, and she drove her friends to some Bar in KL, thank God Tina did not agree to join them or else I will be stucked with grown up people (as if im not one). I feel so small when im in the car with them….

Then we went home straight after that and rest…. The next day we visited Aunty Ann, also in Subang…and had conversation with Uncle Lingam for like 10 minutes and we left for the Subang commuter station. We took the train first to Putra but we couldn’t figure out how to get to Chow Kit so went back to KL sentral and from there, we took monorail to Chow Kit. After that we went to KLCC.. and it was my first time there…it was beautiful and lotsa ppl hanging out there especially at the Taman and there is this foreign guy went to us and asked Tina out for a drink, OMG it was unbelievable that a person can just go to you and say “Hi, are you xxXx??” pretending like looking for someone but oh well, it was so obvious that he was trying to buy a conversation with her. And after we said we are not the person he was looking for, he didn’t even go away, instead he wanted to buy us drinks, Can u imagine that? He asked for Tina’s phone number and I was totally invisible to him! (not that I really care). It was like he was hitting on Tina and totally ignored me, so u know what that means right? It means that he wants her in his bed!! That is so predictable!!!

So that was Saturday, the next day we went for a movie “HITCH”…and I felt regret for choosing that movie. Not that the movie was bad, its just that the movie was a romantic comedy type and it made me think of Chris, think of my hometown. From there, I was really homesick but there’s no one to talk to… I just kept it to myself… it was really tough for me! *sigh*

To be continued…

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