Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine's day special

hmm... just read thru Jef's blog, and yes, i hv to admit that i enjoyed reading his post :) then i realized that my blog is nothing but just craps :) oh well, i have to blame jef for this... he passed on his crapping 'gene' to me since first year.. :) :)

yesterday was Valentine's day and also Jim's bday ... I had a dreadful start yesterday.. i didnt get to finish my 3rd draft, but circumstances happened and u cant do anything even if you have this urge to do what u should do.

I should just relax now, do something relaxing that's why im writing again... let's talk about Valentine's day then... at least it helps..

i had fun yesterday tho like i said I had a bad start, But everything was going smoothly after that. i even ran into Tasha yesterday in CP with her boyfriend... i bought Jim few T-shirts for his bday gift, and he liked it.

Came home to help around the house and practiced my organ skills with a bday song.. Food was catered, and everybody was here including Jim's friends... i was assigned to plan some games so i thought "Win Lose or Draw' will be fun! Chris helped me out with the clues. but then when we're so ready to start the game, everybody turned their attention to the gambling games called "KATAM KATAM". In the end, the guys ended up playing card games. lol gambling, which im not really good at..

okay lets talk about Valentine gifts, Chris bought me a Christian Dior (POISON) perfume and he gave me a white rose. and i got him a Hugo Boss with a love card... well...it ended up all lovey dovey after all.....

Ray, my bestfriend, for once, didnt show up last night. That's because he was on a first date with Sarina. I wonder how that might turn up. okay, let's just give them some privacy so im not gonna feed you details about it here.

Before i end this, i wish you all HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY...especially to you!!! LOVEEEE,people!!!!! yayyyyyyy!!

My one week hols

Monday, 7th February
it was bored....cant remember what i did that day..but the significant thing happened that day was, what i did first thing in the morning before i get dress for UMS. i jumped off from my bed and straight away went on line to check my mail,was expecting someone to reply my mail. The email was one hell of an upshot...i did something wrong to this person and i expect her to be really really mad at me since i knew that most friends around me are a bit freaky about whatever mistakes uve done which in fact involves their pretty little heart. :) :)

but then, the reply i got was like sent from heavan...ohmigod!! i blinked my eyes like thousand times to make sure i wasnt dreaming. This angelic fren of mine actually forgive me for the mistake ive done to her... i was so fortunate to have a fren like her, and for the first time in my life...i really wanna see her...wanna hug her... and all...!!! :) :) :) :)

Thanks, eechi...... ure the best!!!

Tuesday, 8th February..
It's time for "Constantine".... after im done with GMG lab report, me with two other guys went and bought tickets for bunch of ppl who wanted to go see constantine with us (too bad lionel's not included !)... then went home, prepare dinner... mom and dad were at home that time... i actually bought ticket without informing them first *evilish smile*.. i did that so they have no choice but to let me go watch Constantine *wink wink* but i have to go through my sister a.k.a the lion of the hse... fortunately, they didnt say no...

went for yum cha after picking up the boys..ermmm, as usual im the only gurl.. but im not worried, they are no wolf that i should be scared of...*wink wink*

the movie was super duper one of the most excellent show i have ever seen, despite all the bullshits about angel and satan, heaven and hell...spear of destiny wutsoeverrrr!!! :) :) still, they made a good movie...and it's Keanu Reeve some more..darn, he's so delicious to look at... !!! who wouldve say NOO to this charming Hollywood pin-up!!! :) :)

Weds, 9th Feb (1st day of CNY)
Woke up early that day *dang*, it was Ash Wednesday but since its the first day of Chinese festival, the mass was instead held on Friday. My sleepiness is one hell of a reason why I should lie back on my comfy bed but….hmmmmmm, everyone was in the room talking, joking around and laughing…my mom keep on disturbing me some more…

I gave up, went downstairs and prepared breakfast for everyone *dang again* came home late for “Constantine" the night before...still sleepy *sigh*

while the members of the lion hse had breakfast, i watched the movie of "passion of Christ".... i tell you, i can still remember that pain and the feeling of like having someone pinching on your stomach so hard... i was on tears from the starting till the ending of the movie.... >.<

then after bfast, went off for Rosie's open hse..

went home in the evening...went straight to bed for a nap...

had buffet dinner at magellean

then BUFFY at home...

Thurs, 10th Feb
left home early, went to Rosie's hse... For the second time, i went for "constantine" again with Serena and Brittany in the afternoon...

then, get dressed for UPPERSTAR...

had couple of drinks... :) :) .. Shasha called from KL, chit chat with her for a while.. din hit "shenanigan"...damn, they have counter outside... went home early...bored... slept at 1am...

Friday, 11th Feb
went to st simon for ash mass... then straight to Imelda's open hse party after church..was forced to "swallow in" Peter Vella... Chris and my dad hit it off with wutever topic they had that night, then went home... BUFFY again with sanchiya... Chris and Ray helped my sister with the scenario-presentation... they were each paid rm100 for helping...damn that's soooo much for just a minor work...

Saturday, 12th Feb
one whole day at home...Bro Jack was not feeling well, and he was given extra attention by everybody...me and Jim were very jealous... went for Dim Sum at Emperor Restaurant...then went home...had BUFFY session again before we cook lunch... then after lunch, my parents left for tambunan :) :) at night, went yum cha with Joaana and Adrian... good conversation we had...then went home...ZzzzZZzzZzz

Sunday, 13th Feb
I rather not talk about it....

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

hey look out for the new look of my blog :) :)

i met many kinds of people,
some are just snobs as they are,
some are nice and cute,
some are just freaking cool and fun to hang out with,
some are just so plastic,
some are just damn brainy and talk about what they have read in Nasa website or American History,
some are just as blank as you are, do nothing but stare at each other, waiting for someone to wake you up tho' your eyes are widely open,
and not to forget the annoyingly loud of the some.

But there are some whom i placed in a special category i label as "special".... if you're reading this, you are also special.. ive updated my blog and see its pinky now with extra add-ons :) :) hope you'll like it... :) :) :) so feel free to read my archives or post some comments if you like....

Saturday, February 05, 2005

My Orion Star

Orion Star, originally uploaded by fellie.

Here’s the best known and most recognizable star-patterns you can see on the sky.The Orion star€¦

Orion represents an heroic hunter of Greek myth. In Greek myth, Orion was hunted by wild animals and he was also the enemy of the huntress, namely, Artemis (Who was responsible for his death) But some stories tell how Orion fell in love with the daughter of King Oenopion of Chios, Metrope. When he got drunk, he raped Metrope and that he was casted into a deep sleep and he went blind because of the spell made by Dionysis. Then later, after he got his sight back with the help of the Oracle, he lived in Crete where the goddess of the moon Artemis fell in love with this handsome hunter. Orion died when Artemis who was challenged by Apollo hit a spot among the waters of the ocean, not knowing that this spot was Orion swimming. A single arrow shot by Artemis had killed Orion. For her action, Artemis placed Orion on the sky and to remain him as the mightiest hunter of the night sky.

However, they are many other stories (myth) which tell about Orion and each of them gave almost different stories about Orion. You can also check this site for his story http://www.dibonsmith.com/ori_con.htm
It depends which you prefer to believe :)

Orion contains some of the best known stars in the sky. At his left shoulder is a red giant of Betelgeuse star and a blue colour Bellatrix on his right shoulder. But I would like to emphasize on my star, which is the belt of Orion. The Orion's belt form three bright star in nearly a straight line âs Altinak, Alnilam and Mintaka.

You know why I like this star? Especially the stars which represent the belt of Orion? Because apart from representing itself to the belt of Orion..it represents the three black dots on my chest :) (believe me, they look abt the same).

Friday, February 04, 2005

Read if you think tis is rite..

An urgent news i have for you..
this is no intention of anything but just to let u know that the end is so near... so whoever you are, who's reading this... pls... acknowledge this...not because of our differences but for human sake..

ive read this article on newspaper today (Daily Express, 4th February 2005).. actually i didnt notice it if it wasnt Ray (my very loyal and good friend) who told me about it... It mentioned about the third secret of Fatima..for those who are interested in it, you may check the details on the internet..but what i can tell you here is that twentieth century is the most crucial in human history and ive made some reading through internet about it and here are what i found... it is up to you to check on it...

"in the last third of the 20th century the highest church officials would fall under satanic influence and err in their teaching. The message surely portends worldwide heresy in the church, and may specifically warn about acceptance of abortion, ecclesiastic approval of homosexual unions, and denial of the real Eucharistic presence"

"We must be prepared to undergo great trials in the not-to-distant future; trials that will require us to be ready to give up even our lives....."
(From QUEEN Magazine, published by the Mantfort Fathers-Bayshore, New York September, l983)
The Third Secret of Fatima

you should also read the text of the third secret of Fatima which is translated by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Vatican...

just so people, no matter from where the source is, the most important is the earth we are living in... we, at least as a community, should warn ourselves... this may sound sensitive to you but that is not my intention, this news really scare me out.. i just wanna share this to everybody...no matter who you are...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

a 2am slot..

3rd February 2005

And again…. im actually in my room in UMS, cant sleep so here I am… no internet connection, but feel like writing something so I can sleep, will only post this once I get online…. Listening to a soothing music from Jewel… caught two words from her song which is the “precious joy”… hmm, joy is something that make you happy inside, make u feel alive and when you add preciousness to the word of joy… it makes a new connotation, which means a joy that is remarkable and which etched in your mind… my precious joy will be, achieving something which is beyond everybody’s expectation, all this while I didn’t have the chance to be a true hero and make some real changes in my life so people will actually see what I truly made of…. But then again, I have a limitation here that I have to cross tho’

“Ive waited all my life
To cross this line
To the only thing that’s true
So I will not hide
Its time to try……………….”

Called my brother this morning, and I dun think he agreed with me tho he knows the problem im facing… its pretty hard when u have to make decision according to the consensus of others especially when their decision creates a friction to what you really want to do in your life… it’s quite disappointing.

However,I will never wave on white flag…. There are things to be done, to be sacrificed for something which I think is right… I am always a daughter to my dad, a younger sister who all this while obeys all the rules made by family… but no matter what, it’s worth a try…

Dear pappa, momma, bros, sis, I will still go on fighting for my future rights…

till then. signing off.

meaningful craps

For all that I care, all that I want in my life…is for everybody’s happiness… for the mistake ive done throughout my life, had been the dirts on my shirt, for people to see and for people to judge for how I lived my life…

It has been hard all along for me… to put a smile on my face when im hurting inside, to act like im ready for it when im too scared to wrestle with it…. to be content so other people might see the rigidity to my essence of living…. But then again, when nobody is looking, I fell to the deepest hollow of my life and experience nothingness but the soreness of my pain…

The thing that ive said here may be nothing but only the agony and anguish no one can ever understand.. im not commiserate with myself, im just here, sharing my life with others so others might think that life is not all about being happy or being sad, but life is about learning from the worst thing uve lived through in your life and taking it as one of your challenge to fight for something that’s important and worthwhile… for that is how I see things in life…even though I will eventually fall again, and again, and again… but somehow, you will start appreciating those around you, the hardships that created you and made you what you are today..

You can call this craps but crap is what u live with. The ironic in life, dun you think you’re wasting your time? NO… time is always running and it will never stop so do us all, we keep on aging and by the time you realize it, you are already 40s, or maybe 80s…and when you look back, you start thinking. Did you make the right choice? Did you make mistake and actually fix it? Or did you actually use your father’s money to buy you life? Have you been a good example to other people? Did you forgive those who hurt you? Stop there, what are these all about anyway? Arghh, like I said it is all craps… but then again….crap is what u live with and live for…. So I guess whatever crap you may think this is, there is a point… everything you see now may be a secret route to your future… so live your life to the fullest, cry when you think you should and fight when you think it is worthwhile… dun just sit there and wait for others to feed you, you are no hamster…  so go make something in your life, create your tale for your future kids  am I crapping again? Lol…

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