Friday, March 23, 2007

My poor-3 digit FAN, and The rainbow-themed MASQUERADE BALL

It has been awhile my friend.
where should I start then?

Oh, my roommate just broke my fan last night, my sense of tolerance for her at that moment was really tested. Oh well, lucky I can still use my fan to sleep even though it might fall to the ground anytime. My God, the fan cost me 3 digit of RM!! The only thing that slipped from my mouth was “Did u turn my fan with full strength?” Seeing her face, just like that “pussy in boots” in Shrek, soften me a bit. I turned away, called Tharmaindra and insisted “Please, you really gotta make me laugh tonight, at least make me smile.”

Telling her off won’t solve any problem, my hsemate cooled me down by saying, “Well, maybe it’s meant to happen.” Yea, maybe. I shouldn’t focus more on my anger.

I was tired by the time I came back from 2-hrs drive from Bangi to Damansara and back to my place, sending Jim. Damansara is way too far, eventhough using the LDP highway is the right choice. Oh well, maybe because I was only driving on 80-100 km/hr. Well, the traffic is a bit heavy even though no massive jam, plus the rain makes it harder for me to drive. So I am a good and responsible driver after all! HEHE…

I’m going for a Masquerade Ball tonight. I’m done decorating my mask (Not that it's hard to, Emily helped me, LOL!), my dress has just arrived from KK yesterday; I have heels to go with that dress and mask. Yep, Im ready for a Masquerade Ball. Till then my friend!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A weekend with Belle

It was a great weekend having to spend a quality time with an old friend, a treasured one of course. Being with her is like turning my life back to how it was back in KML.

The plans are planned and hopefully I won't be the one spoiling everything due to the downturn of my economy. The Thailand get-away trip and the Rainforest Music Fest in Kuching are well-planned but my confirmation on the Thailand trip is still pending.

Looking at how Belle has nurtured her essence of living and how tough her life is being the eldest one in her family, but still managed to fulfill all the responsibilities with strong endurance and full integrity, I can say that she’s really my idol. I wish I am as strong as she is. Dang, I am a spoil brat…

Sunday, March 04, 2007

My language of 'FRIENDSHIP'

We are, each of us, angels with one wing...
and we can only fly by embracing one another.

Looking at this picture, I hope it explains how much I treasure the time I had with the friends around me. When this picture was taken, these group of happy people was playing cards until 3.30am in the morning, yet their eyes were not willing to retire because of the fun and the bond surrounds them that night. But then it was too late for all of us, and Jaff concluded the night with his lost on the ‘Monkey’ game (Laughing out Loud).

Obviously, I’m still awake at this moment, trying to sum up the story of the day. What happen if we have no friends around us? Can we survive?

Each and everyone of us has a different definition of ‘friendship’. For me, friendship is the ‘family’ God has given us, the gift we can hardly find wrapped with sincerity and love.

Let me reflect myself on this.

I grew up in the environment where friends should be placed second or third, or fourth or maybe the last since my family truly believed that 'blood is thicker than water'; but what i do not know is, how i actually learn about ‘sincerity’ and sharing love when i started to accept openly to the thing called ‘friendship’.

I was taught and trained to be responsible and independant ever since i was 13 years old. Growing up under the restrictions made by the elder siblings in the family, I only started learning about what ‘friendship’ really means when I entered matriculation in 2001. That was the first time I experienced the world of ‘having friends’ around me without someone telling me to ‘go home’. That is why i can never forget all those memories i had back in KML.

I guess it was hard to understand how i actually treasure the friends I have around me. Well, ‘treasure’ is not the correct word, it’s more like loving them and let them love u back. That’s how friendship actually works, I think.

Someone said to me once, “it’s better to have friends who remember than to have friends who are always reminded to remember.”

I guess there are times, we can’t really be there for each other and it’s hard to prove our friends how much we care for them. But what i can say here is, expectations are actually the real criminal to a broken friendship, nevertheless, sincerity, acceptance and love are the noble gifts you can ever give to a friend.

All those friends I have, I know i may not be the best for you but what i can tell you is... those moments we had together are meant to be treasured forever, and Im always glad you’ve crossed my path.

“There exist companions disposed to break one another to pieces,
but there exists a friend sticking closer than a brother”

- Proverbs 18:24

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Blame it on the weatherman

Things are going up and down for the past few weeks for me. A lot of things happened that made me what I am today. I remember about 3 weeks ago, I am done with MK and it was a success. Everyone enjoyed every bits of it, despite the missing emcee’s script at the peak of the event. I was not sure what happened after they found out the script was lost. It was a crazy night, and fun!! T came to see me dance and it was sure a great surprise knowing that he patiently waited for me till everything's over. Thanks dear.

After that hectic week with all the dancings and stuff, there was another matter to settle with – the NSF. Well, looking at it in a positive angle, at least I am 70% getting the money which I need the most to survive. Unfortunately (like usual!), I was having problems finding 2 guarantors and a witness for my contract. Worse still, I lost my original copy of my birth cert. Lucky my dad saved the day at the very last minute. Well, I couldn’t have done it and submitted it to MOSTI if it was not T and his family who came to my rescue when I need it the most, a big thank you to all of you who have contributed. Though it’s probably useless to say it here but I hope they can hear my sincerity eventhough it’s coming unheard. After all, it was God’s blessings that everything was done perfectly in the end. I wish this money will come sooner so I can settle some other matter right away.

Today, I gotta blame it on the weatherman. Everyone was not having a good mood to go through the day. For once, the humid is ridiculous. I feel sticky all day long and tired. After my class, headache started attacking me right away and I had to lie down on my bed for few hours hoping that this devil pinching my brain endlessly will go away soon after my eyes are ready to open. But when Emily woke me up for dinner, the devil seems to be so excited in making me suffer. Well, being a devil myself not letting another devil to dominate my head, I have to take the painkillers to chase them away.

Well, everyone has their ups and downs. Sometimes you need to stay and sometimes you have to leave. We can’t expect everyone to understand our situation and how we handle things. All we can do is, do our best when we can. It’s good if the people around you can accept that but if some of them can’t deal with it, then it’s ok to let go. I remember this saying “You can’t have everything you want.” I think it’s true, dontcha think?

Neena, Belle, I miss you girls….. Sorry for not being there when u need me,Belle. To Neena, sorry for always thinking your birthday is on the 24th when obviously it was on the 19th of Feb.

The rest of you, let’s have a good life and let’s enjoy life while we can.

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