Friday, June 30, 2006

A need of a closure

No more memories
Throw away memories
She hates memories
They hit her hard, they hate her

It‘s a closure
A definite closure
No more Miss nice girl
She just died today

She was hurting
She was crying
She was suffering
She has to end it

He came along
Brought a rose
He took her hand
Kiss her forehead…

He whispered to her ear and said,

things will be okay,
don’t worry,
my love for you will never die.
Let them hurt you,
I will always be here for you,
I love you.”

One night, she was on her knees
Hands together and prayed,
God, let me be okay,
For tomorrow will be another day,
Let me shine throughout the day,
And make everyone around me smiles,
For I care for them so much.”

Later that night he returned and told her.
I will take care of you forever.”
She cried in her sleep,
Her smile on her face is enough to tell the world that
She is now happy
With the new love she just found.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I am singing for “Carrie Underwood – Jesus Take the Wheel”

The most I have in me is faith and the most I need for myself is security and happiness. The most that I could give to you is my sincerity and friendship.

The life I’m having now and the air that I breathe is way too different from where I come from. Life here is harder and more challenging for me, with limited number of friends you can trust, there’s nothing much you can do to help yourself. I always think “why give me all these trials and why was I neglected?” God’s ways are mysterious. As mysterious as He can be, He did send angels to watch my back and help me to go through all the obstacles along the way. They are whom I called “friends”.

The updates of my life aren’t too fascinating to feed your interest. There’s nothing remarkable happening in my life except for these few events in my life:-

1. The whole “meeting the parents” thingy which I managed to pull off a week ago. I think I’ve said that in my previous post. So skip this.

2. My parents and sister are back from UK, and they bought me a Planet Hollywood baby-Tee with “London” written on it which I wanted so much.

3. Another badminton session will kill me since I’ve been playing badminton for 2 days in a row and I’ve been suffering from muscle pain everywhere especially my right arm.

4. I managed to impress my supervisor with my progress report on my work. After a long discussion with my supervisor about my progress, I was asked to prepare a technical paper for the 31st Annual Conference for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology which will be held later in August. I have about a month to do the writing, which means I have to get results by then. If my work and writing is impressive enough, they will call for oral presentation (which I think I’m not ready yet since it’s my first time) or else I will only be presenting my poster (which I think is good enough).

That was all that’s going around in my head now. I just got home and all I want to do now is sleep and rest my head. England will be playing against Sweden tomorrow early morning, which I can’t miss it for the world. Don’t worry jaff, I won’t do the review anymore. :p

Friday, June 16, 2006

England Vs Trinidad&Tobago (2:0)

I know I was desperate yesterday but I just gotta see England play this time and I heard Rooney is going to play despite the injury he had even before the world cup begin. I had few people to reserve for the game, but at the very last minute I called off the plan thinking that I could just go to the mamak shop nearby and watch football while having dhosai and Teh Tarik. To my surprise, I went alone. Lucky me, I get to drag along few chaps to accompany me since watching it alone wasn’t really a good idea, and even worse, I am a girl. Unfortunately, I was too late to get a table and the place was already a full house with football fans which I believe some of them are watching it just to support or Booing the England team, but that was off my concern at the moment. I had no choice but to go to Peter’s house and watch it with bunch of guys. Lucky me Willy’s girlfriend was there to join us, so im not the only girl around.

The first half of the game was a disappointment as Crouch made a lot of mistakes with his kicking and heading, oh well, his height didn’t even help a bit. Lampard was not in a good position of scoring even one goal, and Owen was the same. The second half was really a blood racing. I know I should keep it down but it became so exciting when Rooney took Owen’s place. Well, Owen still a star to me and I was like “Why didn’t they pick Crouch to get off the field? He sucks this time.” Lennon took his place too and damn he shouldn’t be underestimated. He was good.

For the last 10 minutes of the 2nd half, our hope for England to score started to fade and it was no doubt a total despair. The game was quite offensive as the ball possessions for England is higher in percentage. England kept on striking endlessly eventhough their pride is at stake. Then, it was a GOALLLLL at 83’ from Crouch, unbelievable, he managed to redeem himself. In less than 10 minutes after Crouch's history, my fav footballer, Steven Gerrard, took the pride and contributed another score to England. It was a good score from Gerard.

2-0, it was out of prediction, I don’t think the bookie got it right too. I can’t wait for their next game.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Meet The Parents

Terrifying. Bloodcurdling. Daunting. Stressful. Nerve-racking.

That was what happened yesterday before I set my foot on the Klang ground. Hell yeah, it was “Meet the Parents” session, tell me about it.

Thanks to him for not trying to calm me down. Instead he showered me with all the nail-biting cautions and intimidating remarks about what’s gonna happen next and the aftermath of the meeting. What happen if I failed to meet up to their expectation? It’s horror to even think about it.

The whole 45 minutes drive to Klang from my place is utterly painful. How I wish I have the X-men mutant gene to fly and run away from the whole uneasy circumstances. It’s killing me deep inside. I was being paranoid for a minute there. Suddenly, the view doesn’t look so nice from the car window, the road feels like it’s eating me alive and the weather is no doubt slaughtering me. No matter how much I try to squeeze in to feel better, it still feels like my life is on the edge and I feel so uptight inside.

45 minutes didn’t take that long, as I wished it should be. The gate is already open as to welcome my arrival. I wish it’s the end of the pressure but unfortunately it was just the beginning and I can’t hide the awkward gesture inevitably displayed.

Initial introduction was not bad. They welcomed me with their best smiles. Met the lil’ bro with a big shoulder, making me feel like a hobbit. The house is nice and cozy, just enough for the size of their family of five. Lunch was okay, and I was having a hard time finishing my food since my capacity is rather small.

We had coffee after lunch while flipping through the albums of his childhood picture.

But here are few things I would like to share with you.

How do you know if it’s a good sign?
1. When they show you their son’s childhood picture and shared funny jokes with you about the picture. (Checked)
2. When they showed you their wedding picture and says “The wedding just feels like yesterday.” (Checked)
3. When the father keeps on laughing and talking while the mother sits beside you and asked if the coffee is okay. (Checked)
4. They sent you to the door when you had to leave and say “Come again.” (Checked)
5. They wave at you with smiles while saying goodbye and waited until he drives away leaving the house. (Checked)

All checked. I should give myself an applause.

I was so flattered by how they treated me on the first meeting. I enjoyed every bit of it. It was awkward at first but we managed to fit in. Im glad I did my best but he warned me not to be too over-confident until the postmortem.

Believe it or not, few hours later he told me the postmortem went like this,

The father said to the motherThe boy is smart. He chose the right girl.”

I managed to pull it off, despite having to impress a knowledgeable father. At the end of the day, I think the father did impress me with his knowledge. Remind me how lucky I was that I managed to go through the test smoothly.

Tell me how I should celebrate this.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Wedged between Opportunity and Responsibilities..

Days had gone by… I missed the trip to London. There are times I’m glad I didn’t go but I can’t deny the times when I feel like “Oh, shit. It’s London I said no to, forGodsake, what was I thinking?”

But I was wedged between the excitement of going and my responsibilities at hand. My sister was pushing me of going along. I know I can’t say yes immediately without thinking of my responsibilities. Furthermore, I can’t just stop my experiment which ive started a week ago (it will be a waste of time, energy and chemicals if I terminate it right away),

and there is permission I have to ask from my supervisor (It’s hard for me to apply for holidays when I am going to apply for UMS convocation on september),

and also the undeniable financial constraint (I am going to register soon and I need to pay my fee of more than a K),

not forgetting the responsibilities of taking care of the house and Emily’s car (Grace has moved out, Emily is in KK for 2 weeks and Philo is in Melacca till july. I cant just let anyone else to take care, especially Emily’s car, since she trust me the most).

So, that was my dilemma for few days before I said “Kak Ina, it’s ok. I’ll go with you guys for the next trip. Australia, maybe? At least it’s cheaper for me. Just bring the folks and make them happy.”

I know I made a right choice after all.


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