Monday, May 22, 2006

DA VINCI CODE – and the arising curiosity of Christianity

“You chose what you wanted to see. Maybe what you saw or heard is true, or maybe otherwise! We are the victim of history. But the most important thing is what you believe.”

Da Vinci code has come out alive, at last! I still remember obsessing the book exactly a year ago. But it was not because the ‘cover-up’ history (as Dan Brown called it) that interests me. But it was the way he put it into literature that impressed me to the max. Dan Brown has the upper hand of putting history into a provocative way, he is a genius, I must admit. Nevertheless, if we look at his masterpiece in a positive way, he had brought everyone into a question-mark, which is very good indeed since that leads to excessive curiosity and consequently, better knowledge. Now it is clear that, the youngsters nowadays had neglected the importance of understanding their own religion, especially those Christian followers.

I have been receiving a lot of “Do you think it’s true?” from those who have watched the movie and I can see it now, everyone is actually interested in Christianity’s history nowadays? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? The good thing is that, it brings everyone to one route – Finding out the truth. Somehow it will improve their faith in God since some people may protect their own religion and this will boost their interest in reading the bible or maybe some other informative resources about Christianity. But not forgetting those whose faiths are effortlessly triggered. It could possibly happen, ya know. Furthermore, it could leads to frustration and betrayal. But whatever it is, like what Tom Hanks a.k.a Robert Langdon says, “What matter the most is what you believe.”

It is a good movie, indeed. But in my point of view, I must remind you that, it is completely nothing but a fiction. It is the arts of Dan Brown, and history is just his powerful resources, which is nothing more than a theory induced by intellects (I did not say it is totally wrong, it has been studied for century, but the proof is still vague).

In short, let’s not forget that “Faith is important. That’s the only thing we have when everything falls apart.”

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Just a cute and creative imagination - PERFECT MORNING, AFTERNOON and EVENING

Imagining my life living in a peaceful and tranquil neighborhood with the nice people living around it. I am imagining my …


7.00 a.m
like usual, the clocks will ring out lout to announce that the shower is waiting for me. Before hitting the shower, I will check the recent news on the paper today (The doorman always does his job by delivering ‘The Sun’, my favourite newspaper, at the doorstep before the waking hours). While checking on the news, I can enjoy my ‘investment’ moments

7.10 a.m
Hit the shower and feel the hot water on my skin – really refreshing. Not forgetting tooth-brushing and facial washing.

7.20 a.m
Stand right in front of my wardrobe, thinking which to wear before modeling it in front of the mirror that hangs on the wall.
“Yesterday I was in pink and white, I think I’ll hit the red one today and so I could wear the light green tomorrow

7.30 a.m
Put on some eye shadow and lipstick that matches the outfit today. No heavy make-up, a simple one will do. After the yadi yada with the make up, I’ll spray some perfume on me before putting all my necessary stuff on my bag and carry them to work.

7.45 a.m
Head out. Lock the door, greets everyone in the hallway while hitting the lift button to the lobby. “Hey, that’s the old lady again (I’m not good with names, so I can’t really remember) walking her dog. That’s sweet. I wish I have a dog to walk but hey, I am a busy lady *smirk*.

7.50 a.m
Walking out from the elevator to the lobby. Talk to the doorman.
Hey Mr. Doorman, can you make sure my cable is working again? I missed the Elliot Yamin’s show last night. I have to say I’m really disappointed.”
The doorman always know I hate it when the cable is not working. He promised he will get a cable guy to fix it by evening.

7.55 a.m
Get some hotdog and hot coffee from the 1901 stall just outside my apartment and head to the train station which is only 100 meters away from my apartment. I can still catch the 8.10 a.m train if I don’t bump into anyone I know in the street. I can be quite famous at time, and that's the last thing i need at this time around.

The rest of the day will be the working hours for me. I am not sure what I’m gonna be in the future so I will leave it just here at the moment and think about it later.


Well, here’s my list for every lunch hour. I have to keep up with everyone.

My best friend at work like to know what I have been doing during the weekend. I am happy to go lunch with her/him/them since it’s my free-lunch day. ‘whoever you are’

Tuesdays - Thursday
My boyfriend. He likes to have lunch with me, what can I do, he adores me. Tuesday will be Chinese food. Wednesday – Indian food. Thursday – Western food.

I usually go out with the girls since the lunch hour is longer this time and we can do some shopping after lunch.


Fuh~ this can be applied if I don’t have to do OT, or go for a date, and just stay at home.

7.30 p.m
Prepare my tub before calling 1-300-888-333 for pizza delivery.

7.35 p.m
Take a long bath since the pizza will only come 30 minutes later.

7.55 p.m
The pizza will be here in 5 minutes. Prepare the exact change and put on some Giant T-shirt.

8.00 p.m
Pizza in front of T.V. “Fuh~ The T.V is working, or else the doorman has to listen to my endless roar.”

8.30 p.m
Check my mail and check who’s online, just in case the cute guy is online tonight. Hehe…

8.30 – 11 p.m
TV session

11 p.m
Switch off TV. Read some nice articles or bible before calling it a night.

My contemplation on the recent events in my life

I was weighing up myself about the things that made me happy and sad. I was pondering whether I am more like a thinker or feeler ~~ I think I am both, considering the fact that I think and feel a lot.

What happened lately?

Well, Elliot Yamin is voted out this week, which is hundred percent unfair. He is GOOD. The percentage each one carries which was shown before the elimination took part reveals the proximity of the talented idols. But contemplating to the fact that Elliot Yamin lose to McPhee?? That was unbearable. OoooPss, I’m not here to proclaim that I’m an AI fanatic, it’s just a point of view from someone who followed the show since the very beginning. Even Seacrest agreed with me when he said “You’re a good man” while giving him a pat on the shoulder in front of the public at the recent show ~ Yamin is a good man ~ look at how he treats his mom, that was super sweet!!

What’s the recent hot news?

Da Vinci code. Everyone seemed to reserve themselves for those closest to them on catching the movie, and that includes me, despite having to watch it 3 days after the premiere. Even worse, we haven’t got the ticket yet. I really hope I could still get good seats tomorrow. I’ve been avoiding listening to those who’ve watched it before me, because that’s no ordinary movie and I want to enjoy it to the fullest.

How’s my love life?

Not sure how to articulate this but all I can say is it has been a winding road for both me and him. I never really liked the idea of publicizing my love life, but it has been a major issue to me lately. Thanks to love, hopes, faith and patience in me, which helped me to go on with sturdy endurance. I think it’s better to leave it in serenity and let it fix itself. I’ve gone to this path and chosen it way over. Nevertheless, this relationship really helped me to reflect on myself as a whole and reveals the hidden attributes I long have. It helped me to become a better person, and that’s what matter the most though somehow I wish it could be easier, but God has a bigger plan and I am sure He knows what’s best for me and him.

What makes me happy?

Hmmm, what more than to imagine a perfect morning, perfect afternoon, and perfect evening to spend. Read the above to find out.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happiness requires maintenance

Memories hit me again. It hurts so much when you realize you’ve lost a lot after you’ve thrown it all away the last time. You thought you’ve got it all cover up for you, and that it’s easy for you to go on. You think you are the superhero now – BUT ONLY TO FIND OUT, YOU SCREWED UP EVERYTHING U’VE GOT IN THE PAST!! Now, are you a superhero? Or a super loser? It hurts.

It’s hard to disclose the fact that you regret the things you’ve done. Throwing away the entire thing you loved the most. I thought happiness is accessible and it stays forever. But Happiness is all about maintenance. If you fail to maintain it, then it will all come crashing down.

I really hope Badminton will help this time.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another bad day... hopefully It's just one of those P.M.S

“you had a bad day”

That’s the remark Daniel Powter would ever give to me for this dreadfully pathetic life which im having at this circle of time.

I dunno why it’s seemed so hard to put one thing down flawlessly. As what my friend would say to me over and over again that I have to try harder. Man, the thing is, it’s just too hard to handle, expecially when you’re so wedged in between like a sandwich.

I am a whiner… okay, big time. Im getting my visitor late this month, im not sure what has gone wrong with my hormone or what I would say in a perfect manner, the lifecycle of my very alive ovum confused me and 'she' is still pestering around in there. (Hey, it’s time for you to leave and meet the world!!) Is that a polite way to put it? Whatever it is, I expect you to open you mind a bit wider and dun pucker your brow just yet, that’s the last thing I need right now, people.

I need to breathe, at the very least.

Speaking of breathing, thanks to our Badminton sessions for helping me with my breathing these days. I don’t have to go through those terrible nights anymore for not being able to breathe properly, as though the nights had turned into a heaven for me. I still have sleepless nights though and reading helped a lot to fix my system.

However, I have to thank God Almighty for blessing me with such angelic friends around who’ve been there for me during my dark hours. Without them, I think im nothing but a tail of a pig. Hmmm, you know what I mean.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

my new haircut

Front view

Side view

I just got myself a new haircut. Because of the fuss I gave to the stylist in Indah Parade, Sri Petaling, my hair was kind of short at the front and I have to put them down to cover my forehead so the mistake won’t be that obvious. Here are some of the pictures that shows my beautiful new hairdo which only last for a day. The next day, it just plunge to its true color. I know, I know, it’s hard to look beautiful.

Anyways, I had a blast on last Saturday, not knowing that it put me down to fever for days. Serve me right!! Even Badminton can’t help. I have to remind myself every time that drinking is bad, bad! When Tharmaindra found out about it was the drinking that got me almost a high fever, I know he won’t let me drink again. Well, never mind – I can LIVE without drinking anyways. Suzie, my lovely cousin, was just amazing that night, i knew for long that she gonna win it but i just kept it to myself, not letting myself be over-confident. The competition was tough as all the contestants were really good. But, to everybody's amazement, she won the first prize. I would like to share some of the pictures which were taken that night, using my very own 6260 Nokia. But i just couldn't upload it to this page. weird. Never mind. i'll try again later.

My head is still spinning, but hopefully it will be okay by tonight. Well, I have to since I’m meeting a sweetheart tomorrow. I did everything to recover myself. Bought panadol (soluble), lemon, honey etc. Porridge and hot chicken soup are now my lunch and dinner. Not forgetting, waking up every 10 minutes for nature call and gulping a glass of water. The past few days were horrible for me. But i now my effort will be paid off by tomorrow. Can't wait to be healthy again.

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