Sunday, August 31, 2008

A very long rumbles

Dad has gone back to Sabah. My parents were here for a month or so. At first, they came for dad’s PET scan in SJMC which cost us around rm7k, not including consultation fees. I was a bit disappointed with myself because I was not there on time to have the family meeting with the specialist in SJMC because the night before it was held, I was drinking at home trying to have a life.

My parents were supposed to fly back to KK that Sunday when two of my cousin sisters came to visit my dad at home introducing us to a special therapy (some kind of a homeotherapy) using BICOM bio-resonance therapy. The next day after church, we went to the place as mentioned, and that day itself my dad started his therapy session. There goes another few thousand for dad but money wasn’t a problem to us. We’ll do whatever it takes for dad.

After 3 weeks of taking the traditional medication and going for the therapy, there was an improvement on dad’s health. Everyone was happy including dad that we let him to eat anything he wants, until that early evening, when everyone went out to run an errand, dad got an allergic attack. At first we didn’t know it was the allergic that caused him so much in pain. I thought dad had a stroke because he couldn’t tell us which part of his body is painful, he couldn’t speak clearly and he couldn’t raise his hand.

After looking at the situation, I jumped off the bed and told everyone that he has to go to the nearest medical center. So we brought him to Taman Desa Medical center (TDMC) which is just round the corner.

After getting my dad checked, the doctor told me that dad's heart is very irregular and fast (for normal heart rate, it’s around 70-80, but dad’s heart rate can reach up to 140 which is scary enough for me). Dad could get heart attack anytime. We were advised to bring him to the University Hospital for better treatment. After getting few advise from my sister back home, we brought dad straight to the hospital and by 10pm we were already waiting for dad outside the emergency room. The doctor called me to inquire about his medical history, so I feed him with everything I know.

After a 10 minutes discussion with the doctor, I was allowed to stand beside dad until everything is over. Dad didn’t want to let me go when I told him Im going to the cafĂ© to find food for him. He told me to ask the others to do it so that I can stay beside him. I was overwhelmed with dad’s neediness of my presence. I stood beside his bed for almost 4 hours until the nurse announced that he will be hospitalized. He was put in a cardiology ward where the heart patient is treated.

I was having my monthly visitor at that time. As gross as it may sound, I did not change my pad for more than 24 hours. But in that kind of desperate situation, I couldn’t care less about it. Dad comes first. Sweet enough, Jim n Bon came to the ward with a change of clothes for me and they brought me dinner (I just realized I haven’t got my dinner yet at that time!)

The whole hospital experience was fun. The patient beside us was a very knowledgeable malay man in his mid year. He was telling me why he was hospitalized. He had a mild attack after watching Lee Chong Wei lose his battle to Lin Dan in the Olympic game. His wife complained to me , "Chong Wei get few hundred thousands, and he gets admitted to the hospital!" I was just laughing out loud. The couple was funny.

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