Wednesday, June 09, 2010

your $$ my $$

I feel like being robbed.

Yes, I am single. No kids. No marriage plans yet.
A fairy tale says I am earning well. Duh~~ like everybody else doesn't!! But why do I feel like I am being stripped from my clothes?? *figure of speech ok*

When I started working, everybody thinks I should contribute more. Everybody thinks my money is everyone's money. The amount of contribution I have to make is expected to be the same as those members who have been working for 5-10 years? Are they being fair to me?

When I work for this company, everybody is waiting for me to make mistakes so they can say, "seeee, she's just too proud of herself"  "she's very ego now.!!"  why?? why?? why?? why do i have to receive all this pressure?? Why can't everybody just be happy?

This is just sad. Freedom come and freedom go.

Life is just great!!

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