Sunday, December 10, 2006

Seeking God

I look at my life at this moment, Gawd… im going crazy with the fears I have before my eyes. I tried comforting myself, I thought spending time with family would help me ease the pain, but still, the loneliness is always there floating around in my inner side. What should I do?

I don’t like to be called pathetic or pitiable girl but I just lose the battle. I am in the midst of bouncing back, because that’s what I do for the past 4 years. It ain’t easy dude.

I am socially zero, spiritually empty, and now energy losing. Gawd, I am pathetic!

I was supposed to meet Fr. Julian today, for him to introduce me to some active church members but because of some inevitable circumstances, I didn’t make it. So much of fixing your life, dear Fellie.

But a little voice I hear “Seek God first, and all other Graces will be given unto you”

That’s what I think I should do.

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